Healthy Eating Zhi Cui

About MyPlate, the mood is fine for me, it mainly using red, green and blue, because they change the tune of the color so it looks comfortable. The Navigational is clearly. But a bit hard to adapt this app, I feel to complex to use. And the visual hierarchy is not wonderful either, too many information, I can't find the main idea. The font is just fine, the color is eye friendly, won't make me feel weird. Some images in the app looks wired actually, Also, because of the basic color of this app, they seem set some color barriers to themselves.

About Lose It, I don't like too much about this one actually, I think they have a messy style. Also, the basic color they're using is wired, green, some bright red and orange, I feel it hurting my eyes. And Lose It have too many function and chart, I have no idea which I should look. However, the font in this app seems not that wired, I like the way they using. The icon in the picture 4 for me is not suitable, our screen is so limited, we don't need the icons that detailed, also they are not pair to the main function bar.

About Fooducate, I don't like this either. The main futures is MESSY. The home page is five bright color choices, without main function bar. And the title bar is the same color to the background that is so wired. And this app is 100% user not friendly, all the information is not hierarchy just stay in a page, I totally cannot read it. But to be honest there is on part I really like is the hamburg menu, the icons in it really pretty, no matter the color or size. But out of the menu, it's really bad for me. This app is like a weird picture, each part done with different people.


Comparing to the other 3 apps, I think the function should be as simple as possible, to persist eating health or maintain nice figure is already hard to do, I don't want there are too much function to distract the users. So, most information in my app should be focus on the food. Maybe combine the sports part is not a bad idea, but sometime it make the user feel it is harder to maintain nice habit. Also I want to hide the useless date, the users not care about too many data, if we show all the data to them we only make them confused.










Appstore - MyPlate

Appstore - Fooducate

Appstore - Lose it!


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