Lectures with Dogs Creating happiness

I've noticed that students tweet a lot about lectures, particularly during lectures. Mostly they tweet about how bored they are or to pass comment on the lecturer or fellow students. But one thing they seem to like is when their lecture has a dog in it.

(All the photos on this post are from Twitter searches using two words - lecture, dog).

Dog on a desk

You might think that you could only take service dogs into lectures but surpringly that doesn't seem to be the case. Nor is it just small dogs in lectures, hidden away from view. Indeed, sometimes it's the lecturer who has brought the dog.

Not small dogs!
Really not a small dog.

Can you spot the dog in this photo?

Virtual dogs in lectures?

Sleeping dogs

This dog must have been to a lot of lectures.

And now for some smaller dogs....

Paying attention?
Sleeping on stage.
Giving the lecture?

Let's campaign for dogs in lectures.


All photos are from Twitter.

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