Creativity Kaley abbott

Leading Lines; the poles show that the lines are not only repeating and they are lines.
Repetition; is in everyday life, the windows are repeating.
Angle; worms eye view; the angle of looking up as if you were a child or a worm.
Rule of Thirds; sitting between two poles makes him look as if he is more closely to one pole than the other.
Selective Focus; focusing on one subject makes it clear on the one thing there is.
Framing; The frame of the hallway make the individuals look as if they are in a frame.
Birds eye view; looking down at them is showing the angle that the "Bird" would be looking at.
Strong Subject; center of Focus; with her sitting in the middle of a logo while having an action makes her the center of Focus.
Filling the Frame; She is the main subject as well as filling the frame, she is clearly the only subject.


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