Walt Disney By oren bost

Walt Disney was born on December 5 1901 in Chicago Illinois. Some of his early influences were his uncle mike Martian, his uncle mike was a train engineer. As a young boy Walt Disney worked at a train station selling drawings.

Walt Disney when he was 13

He went to McKinley high school in Chicago. After he finished high school he attended the Chicago school of arts. When he got out of collage he worked at a animation studio in Missouri. After working hard at a animation studio he opened his own studio. His own studio went very well for the first couple years. Then things went very bad for him his studio filled for bankruptcy and had to close.

Walt Disney at work in his own studio

Then one day when Walt as laying bed he came up with an idea a cartoon mouse. He started to write down ideas and then he finally came out with a name Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse was his first ever cartoon he released it to the public and it was a hit. Soon Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney would be every where. Walt Disney said this " laughter is time less, imagation has no age, and dream are forever.

Walt Disney had a great impact on the world he came up from nothing. His cartoons are known all over the world and still live on today. He has multiple amusement parks all over the United States and are still one of the worlds greatest Parks's.

Disney world

Sites: http://www.biography.com/people/walt-disney-9275533

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