The 5th Wave BY: Rick yancey; Daisy Pacheco

The 5th Wave Summary

The world of Cassie Sullivan has been turned up side down, like other teenagers she had a normal life, drama, best friends and parties. However this all changed with the arrival of extraterrestrials, Cassie refers to them as "The Others". "The Others" power is released by waves which include, world wide blackout, giant killer Tsunamis, an eye-bleeding disease that spread like wildfire and aliens on land. Cassie survives four waves and her mission is to rescue her brother, Sammy that was sent to a dangerous camp. At last it is revealed that the camp trainers are "The Others". Cassie manages to escape the camp with Sammy and Ben, an old friend. The Camp facility was blown to shreds and her adventure continues in the next book, The Infinite Sea.


Book Review

The 5th wave is a sci-fi book that has young characters that some readers may relate to. I fell in love with the book and decided to read it about 4 times. I give it a high rating because it has tense moments. I love the feeling of when a human shows up, because you'd never know if it is a human or alien in disguise. Other good elements the book had was a series of plot twists. I recommend this book to people that love a never ending conflict between man and society. The 5th wave is a apocalyptic world that drains the reader into a world of mixed emotions. At one moment the reader feels sorry for the character but then see their true evil form.

People falling at a rapid pace to their death due to the 3rd wave
The 1st and 3rd wave
Cassie being all alone with no one to trust & carrying her brothers teddy bear.
Created By
Daisy Pacheco

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