Magnetism Used for MEDICAL CARE! By Pau

What are MagnetS?

Magnets are pieces of metal with atoms that face the same direction wich creates a magnetic field . A magnetic field is basically an invisible force field and when metals are inside it they become temporarily magnetic. Usually the atoms in metal are all jumbeld up, so they cancell each other out. When a piece of metal is inside a magnetic field, that metal's atoms face in the direction of the magnet, field and it becomes temporarily magnetic.

When were Medical Magnets discovered?

Long ago, health practitioners used many different therapies and potions to treat and prevent pain. From the earliest record of medicine, Greek physicians and scientists were intrigued with magnetic substances and the way in which they affected the human body. During the 1980's and 90's there was a lot of research in the therapeutic benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field. When the research was made public, opportunistic companies went to exploit the market by selling the cheapest and most common magnet available, the bipolar magnet, even if it has very minimal effects.

Can medical magnets heal?

Magnetic therapy is the use of magnets to aliviate pain. Many people worldwide benefite from this. They are in the form of bracelets or neclaces that stimulate blood flow and supposedly heal tissue faster. There is a great debate if they work though. After well conducted studies over the past three decades, many people believe they may not work at all, instead they only have a placebo affect. Nevertheless, there is an estimated amount of one billion dollars spent on medical magnets every year. I believe they may work and in the future when medical magnets are perfected.

How do they work?

Though it makes sense that they can work because there is iron in your blood and magnets attract iron, the iron in our body is bound by hemoglobin, with is not ferromagnetic ( permanent magnetism, like a magnet on a refrigerator) If the iron in our blood where magnetic, we would essentially blow up whenever we take an MRI scan, because the magnet an MRI machine has is thousands of times stronger than a smaller magnet. Some people though, believe it effects our bioenergetic field, or biofield, they are "energy fields that purportedly surround and penetrate the human body," according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

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