Nicollo Machiavelli

This is Jack adding a website to the source list
Here is Brady reading about "The Prince"
This is dan writing the weekly progress report

Week 1

Day 2- gathered information about Machiavelli

Day 3- gathered info and figured out who was creating the source list, weekly progress report, etc.

Day 4- determined who was doing what for the weekly blog entries

In this wonderful but MCAS shortened week this group has accomplished a few small but important things. Brady has read excerpts from and about The Prince, a book by Machiavelli, Jakoby has made our website and gathered information about his subject, Jack made the sources list while also gathering some facts about Machiavelli, and Dan wrote this along with also gathering some facts about Machiavelli.

Week 2

On Monday, we figured out what we are going to do for the creative piece of this project as worked in the blog entries. On Tuesday, in an epic battle to stay awake, we all made good progress on our individual blog entries, and figured out what we are going to do for a video. On Wednesday, we did not have class so we got nothing done. On Thursday, we made amendments to what we are going to do for the creative piece, we are now doing a children's book and a head with a description of what Machiavelli did during his life. Brady finished his blog paragraphs on the Prince. Jakob and Jack were absent today but will do stuff tomorrow. Jakoby is absent today and Jack is finishing the source list. The individual blogs are almost finished and we are making progress on the creative piece. We will all try to get supplies for the creative piece over the weekend so we can get work done on Monday.

Brady/Dan planning for creative piece
Brady's finished blog
Jack working on the source list

Week 3:

On Monday, we planned out how we were going to put the words on our styrofoam head of Machiavelli. Jack was absent but we still were also able to get some work done on the book. On Tuesday, we didn't have class and worked on the individual blogs at home. On Wednesday, we started to put the book together and were still missing Jack. On Thursday, we decided to make the book digitally and glued the words to the head of Machiavelli. Brady started to make the book, and Dan helped Jakob glue the words to the head. On Friday, we worked on putting the book together and tried to compensate for lost team members.

Jake's blog - Why is Machiavelli still relevant in today's political world? Many people have different views on Machiavelli, but whether or not you like him as a person, he can be seen as a ‘political genius’. Today, Machiavelli is regarded as the "father of modern political theory." In Machiavelli's The Prince, he talks about how a leader doesn't actually have to be loyal, intelligent, or moral, but to just seem to have these traits is enough. “In a recent interview with the New York Times, Pulitzer Prize–winning author Jared Diamond was asked which book he would require former President Obama to read if he could. His answer? Niccoló Machiavelli’s The Prince, written 500 years ago.” This quote shows how even after all these years, many philosophers still use it as advice or guidance in their careers. This is important because most theories that are from 500 years ago are outdated, but not Machiavelli.

Many have different opinions on Machiavelli's views. “Critics have long debated whether The Prince, which famously argues that the ends—no matter how immoral—justify the means for preserving political authority, was written as a satire, or as British philosopher and Nobel laureate Bertrand Russell once said, as ‘a handbook for gangsters’” (O’Rourke). This quote shows the controversial aspect of Machiavelli’s political ideology. “The dictums of The Prince, Machiavelli’s most well-known work, are seen as lessons to dictators and criminals seeking to gain and maintain power” (Corrow). This quote shows how other critics say Machiavelli, “empowers tyrants”.

Overall many different people have many different opinions on Machiavelli. He accomplished many things in his life such as writing The Prince, having a successful diplomatic career, and being a large influence on a variety of people. He's definitely still talked about today, whether it be good things or bad things, or both. According to John O’Rourke, “His name has become synonymous with cunning tyrants.”

Dans blog- Machiavelli had a great influence over the Renaissance, mostly in his writing. Machiavelli once said “It is much safer to be feared than to be loved.” He wrote The

Prince, a very influential writing, that made rulers change the way they ruled their lands. He also changed the way that people viewed diplomacy. He was a man of action, and showed a vast knowledge of European politics. All of this upped the standards for other Renaissance men because of the effectiveness of his methods. He changed the way people thought and went about politics.

Niccolo Machiavelli made politics more secular by separating it from Christian thoughts and values, therefore completely altering the way that politics were approached. Along with this was his argument that you aren't a good politician unless you can let go of traditional Christian beliefs. Machiavelli also claimed that the goal of politics is the foundation and maintenance of a powerful state, meaning that you weren't a good politician unless you could grasp and maintain power. Machiavelli also had a big influence on the nature of political writing in his writing The Prince and others. Machiavelli also spent a vast amount of time researching and analyzing historic examples of how successful political forces operate. Finally, Machiavelli defended the republic as the form of government best suited to protecting citizens liberties and preserving the state. This is different from what was going on in the rest of Europe because they ruled in a monarchy, one ruler. A republic is where there are multiple people who rule through representatives. Machiavelli was saying that a republic would work better than a monarchy because more people would have a say in what goes on, so the people would likely be happier, and the state would run more smoothly.

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