Sandringham School Learning and Teaching newsletter Spring 2019

#learning2learn 2019

Sandringham's Teaching and Learning theme week this year was on how to develop metacognition and self-regulation skills in students of all ages. This was inspired by the recent EEF report on this topic and a set of 25 strategies that make use of metacognitive tools have been developed by the Professional Learning Team

Some examples of how these strategies were used by our teachers

Educational Technology

Two important papers on using EdTech in schools from @EducEndowFoundn and @educationgovuk have been published recently. It is worth reflecting upon how these recommendations can inform our use of Blended Learning at Sandringham.

EEF Digital Technology Report Recommendations

How to support students to revise

The Year 13 students in the Student Leadership team (who are also Youth Mental Health Champions) presented to parents and students in year 11 during this term on how they successfully revised for their GCSEs. Every teacher and parent should read their sagely advice!

Let's Think English

Athena Pitsillis offers an introduction to a programme designed to develop cognition in English, based on Vygotsky and Piaget, and developed by King’s College London

Seneca Learning

We have introduced a tool for revision this year, Seneca Learning, that uses many of the neuroscience principles (spaced repetition, retrieval practice, interleaving) that have informed many of Sandringham's own research and teaching strategies over the last few years. Feedback from students has been very positive and is another useful addition to the armoury for learning.

Ross Welford launches writing competition

Author of our whole-school read "The 1000 year-old boy", Ross Welford, came to present to year 7 in March and launched his writing competition. Closing date is 30th June 2019.

British Science Week 2019

In the year that marks the 150th anniversary of Mendeleev's first Periodic Table of the elements, we had a (hopefully!) record breaking lesson, live streamed on You Tube to over 2,500 students across the AAT schools of Sandringham, Ridgeway and Verulam. There were a wide range of other events during the week, including the annual Chemistry Show, but the Big Lesson was a new level of challenge to perform and stream live from the Sandpit Theatre.

Oxplore - Home of Big Questions

As one of the initiatives for High Starters, we had a teaching tip on Oxplore, a site full of ideas and intellectual challenge that takes students well beyond the curriculum and their comfort zone to confront some of the biggest, fundamental questions.

Literacy Update - Spring 2019

Read on for more from Kelly Bulbeck on closing the Vocabulary Gap, using Literacy Ladders and a research project that we are undertaking with Herts for Learning on Reading Fluency.

Supporting Success - Goal Setting

Liz Kelly discusses how a personalised goal-setting approach used by the Visual Arts team has led to success in motivating students and maximising progress.

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