What a season… another year of racing has officially come to an end. While it didn’t end the way we envisioned, it was definitely a year of ups and downs. We had a lot of great nights at the track that we will remember forever, and we appreciate all the support along the way. It’s been one hell of a ride in 2018 and we can’t wait to see what 2019 brings the Prusak Racing team!

This season marked the first year that all three of us raced. Joe Prusak competed in nearly 30 events at Elko Speedway this season. Joey Prusak had his season end earlier, only allowing him to compete in roughly 25 events at Elko Speedway. Finally, Max Prusak competed in about 10 events throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, competing on both asphalt and dirt. Some quick math means that as a team, Prusak Racing, competed in roughly 70 races in 2018.

Victory Lane Photos at Elko Speedway - Redline Graphics Inc.

Joe Prusak – 2018 marked a season of coming up just short on multiple occasions for the driver out of Clayton, WI. After competing in a total of 29 races at Elko Speedway, Bundy managed to finish with a stellar stat line for the year. He came home with 2-Wins, 14-Top 5’s, 24-Top 10’s, along with 5-DNF’s. Pretty impressive to only finish outside the top ten in 5 of 29 races, all 5 of those races were DNF’s because of mechanical failures. Seven, which is the number of times Joe Prusak finished 2nd or 3rd in a race… coming up just short of a win. The #66 was a part of easily the most exciting finish in the 50+ year history of Elko Speedway this season. With 8 laps to go Joe was in 4th place, nearly 3 seconds behind the leader. Over the next 7 laps he was able to pass for 3rd and then 2nd. On the final lap he got to the back bumper of the leader going into turn one, coming out of turn two he got a run and got to the outside of the leader. It was a drag race down the back straightaway, side by side through turns three and four, as they came out of turn four the checkered flag was in the air… Joe Prusak slammed the wall as they crossed the line… WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. One of the closest finishes you could ever see, Bundy got the win by less than a bumper. The crowd went wild, the pits went wild, everyone went wild over the finish. The chase for 200 career wins will carry into 2019, as Joe currently sits nine wins back of two hundred. Joe Prusak would like to thank all of his sponsors for the support in 2018: Morris Concrete, Brew Pub Pizza, Heating & Cooling Two, WorkOptional: Wealth Management, Suburban GM Parts, Schatz Real Estate Group, Scoreboard Bar & Grill, Bellatoria Pizza, BAMCO, Justice Brothers, and Tire Town.

Joe Prusak at Elko Speedway in 2018 - Alex Pahl Photography

Max Prusak – You wanna race asphalt or do you wanna race dirt? It doesn’t matter for the driver out of Port Orange, FL. If the thing has one wheel you can count on Max Prusak to send it. Even though he only made 8 total starts in 2018, Max managed to impress everyone every time he strapped into a race car. While the ARCA Racing Series returned to Elko Speedway so did the High Side Hustler. In the 30 lap special event he was running in the top five at the halfway point when a belt broke, causing the car to overheat he was forced to pull off the track, thus resulting in a DNF. It was an impressive run after being out of a car for over a year. This year also marked the first that Max Prusak raced on dirt, making his debut at KRA Speedway and then competing at Rice Lake Speedway, Cedar Lake Speedway, and Spring Lake Speedway. Max managed to make the Labor Day Special at RLS, Legendary 100 at CLS, and the Autumn Clash at SLS. The final stat line was pretty impressive, in 8 starts he came home with 3-Top 5’s, 5-Top 10’s, and 3 DNF’s. The season ended with a scary wreck at Spring Lake Speedway, however we got a full off-season ahead to come back better than ever. Max Prusak would like to thank all of his sponsors for the support in 2018: Spare Time Bowl: Bar & Grill, Busy B Truck Maintenance, Heating & Cooling Two, Suburban GM Parts, Brew Pub Pizza, WorkOptional: Wealth Management, Scoreboard Bar & Grill, Schatz Real Estate, Morris Concrete, Tire Town, and Bellatoria Pizza.

Max Prusak at Elko Speedway & Spring Lake Speedway in 2018 - Alex Pahl Photography

Joey Prusak – Man… what a season of what if’s for Joey Prusak and the #6 Chevrolet Performance Power Stock at Elko Speedway. We had the car to do special things, and we proved that the second half of the season. The season began about as poorly as it possible could, thru the first 13 races Joey had 1 win, 1-Top 5, 3-Top 10’s, and staggering 9 DNF’s. Yes, you read that correctly… NINE DNF’s in THIRTEEN RACES. We battled fuel and ignition issues through the first half of the season. Once we got this figured out… it was game on. Over the final 12 races of the season we came home with 3 wins, 8-Top 5’s, 10-Top 10’s, and 2 DNF’s. On top of that, one of those DNF’s we were leading when we got spun out on the last lap by the car running in second. We had an absolute rocket the second half of the season, and would have been a championship contender if not for the horrible first half to the season. Joey Prusak would like to thank all of his sponsors for the support in 2018: Chevrolet Performance, Suburban GM Parts, Suburban Chevrolet, WorkOptional: Wealth Management, Heating & Cooling Two, Brew Pub Pizza, Morris Concrete, Scoreboard Bar & Grill, JDI Signs & Graphics, Schatz Real Estate, U15 Racing, Justice Brothers, Jet Shocks, BAMCO, and Alex Pahl Photography.

Joey Prusak at Elko Speedway in 2018 - Alex Pahl Photography

This season would not have been possible without all of our crew, family, friends, and fans. The driving force behind this team is friendship and family. Without either of those two things we wouldn’t be able to do what we love. Thank you to our crew guys for coming over every single Thursday night and for coming out to the track every single weekend: Brad Prusak, Bob Morris, Wayne Sinkie, Tom Quade, Mike Schatz, Alex Pahl, Scott Brandshaw, Tim Schenk, Ray Tuenge Sr, Ray Tuenge Jr, Leighton Tuenge, and Matt Frye. We can’t thank all of our family & friends for the continued support this season, this especially includes: Teri Tuenge, Makenna Rose, Pat & Ray Tuenge, Lorna & Joe Prusak, Kelcie Prusak, and finally Steve & Valerie Oliver. If you were not mentioned we apologize, we appreciate every single one of you and just because you weren’t mentioned doesn’t mean you are any less important.

Alex Pahl Photography

We need to give a special thank you to two individuals who worked hard every night we raced. Thank you, Brad and Max Prusak. You both make it possible to race and to win races. You’re countless hours don’t go unnoticed and we will forever be grateful for you both. No better feeling than getting to see both of your faces every time we pull into Victory Lane at Elko Speedway. Obviously we had our bad nights, but at the end of the year I think we can all sit back and say… this has been one hell of a ride and I wouldn’t wanna do it with anyone else. All four of us together make one hell of a team. Thanks boys for a great 2018, who’s ready for 2019!?

Max and Brad Prusak make the walk back to the pit slabs at Elko Speedway - Alex Pahl Photography

The final thank you goes out to Alex Pahl. You are the moral compass for this team. Thank you for capturing so many great moments this season. Your photography work is come of the best we’ve ever seen. We appreciate all the time you sacrificed to come out and take photos every weekend. Thank you for driving the flatbed and for even doing tires when an extra hand was needed. You are truly one of a kind and we are so grateful for all that you do for us. Thanks for everything Big Al, and specifically for all the laughs this summer.

Alex Pahl Photography

Thank you to all of our sponsors mentioned above, we appreciate your support and look forward to having you return next season. One last time, thank you all for an amazing year.

We can’t wait for 2019! See you at the track!


Alex Pahl Photography

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