What's so great about WATERCOLOR? David Rankin Watercolor Workshops

Transparent Watercolor offers artists the most sublime medium for creating images that emerge from your creative observations and the visualizations.

It is the most wonderful medium for artists painting in the seclusion of their home studio... exploring places near where they live... traveling long distances on vacation... or exploring far off lands on the other side of the world.

Winter Woods Drama - 12" x 16" - Arches rough 140lb paper


For hundreds of years Watercolor has been the most wonderful of mediums for artists to travel and explore the world... especially throughout the 1800's.


Eugene Delacroix ( 1798-1863 ) was one of the greatest of all French "Orientalist" painters of the 1800's. He painted many grand masterpieces in oils. But when he traveled... he used Watercolor and a Sketchbook. And it was in his numerous Travel Journals filled with hundreds of his sketches & watercolor studies that his amazing genius can be easily seen & studied.

Few artists of the 1800's epitomize the very essence of the artistic travel tradition better than Delacroix. His artistic career began in 1822, when his first painting was accepted by the Paris Salon. In 1832 Delacroix headed south from France, through Spain... and across the Mediterranean to Morocco... on an Artistic Expedition dedicated to exploring the “light of North Africa". And instead of coming home with hundreds of digital photographs as today's artists do... he came back with 7 Artist Journals full of sketches & watercolor studies of all kinds. Delacroix's artistic expedition to North Africa, in 1832, provided enough subjects for more than 100 grand canvases as well as many governmental commissions for murals and ceiling paintings. In 1832 this was still a full 7 years “before” the revolutionary new state-of-the-art imaging technology called... “Photography” was first presented to the public in Paris.


Watercolor provides artists with a kind of portable Art Studio that is extremely versatile and allows artists to create a wide range of styles anywhere in the world.


Sargent painted wherever he travelled. Here you see his mastery of the Watercolor medium created on the deck of a ship at sea.


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