Help Stop human trafficking By LSJ Editorial Board

The Lead

"Sex traffickers prey on the vulnerable. They don’t discriminate based on gender, age, race or socioeconomic status. And let’s be clear, the victims aren’t nameless or faceless."

"High-profile cases increase awareness temporarily, until the outrage subsides and life goes on."

Type of lead

I think the type of lead for this this article is a creative lead. I think that because this lead reels in readers and the topic of human trafficking is very important. They also say things in the lead to make it sound more intriguing. Even though it's short, it tells readers who traffickers go for and what they want. Also some things are surprising about what traffickers want which also makes it exciting.

My lead

Traffickers go for anybody. They don't care what gender, age, or race. They come for the helpless or the defenseless. As long as you don't see them coming, your prey for them and they'll go after you.

The type of lead i chose

The type of lead I chose was creative because it fit well and it brings the reader to attention with some unexpected things. Also the more creative the better people like it. Also writing a creative lead is more exciting.


The FBI and police agencies have been trying to stop trafficking and trying to protect everyone especially the most vulnerable ones.


They have been trying to stop human trafficking especially sex trafficking because there have been an increased amount of cases every year since 2012 and its becoming very important.


There have been a lot of reported cases in the state of Michigan. In 2015, the FBI worked on 220 cases of traffecing especially sex trafficking. There have been many cases of sex trafficking in East Lansing, Michigan.


There were 220 cases in 2015 and that was the most in a long time, but a lot of the FBI agents did a nice job by finding the traffickers. Every year since 2012 the cases have increased. In 2011, attorney general Bill Shuette a special unit to prosecute human traffickers." In 2014, the Legislature passed and Gov. Rick Snyder signed a 21-bill package – an update to the original 2006 legislation – that included the formation of the Michigan Human Trafficking Commission within the Attorney General’s Office."


FBI agents are trying to track down traffickers because they're bad people and they hurt children and do wrong things to them. Also the victims of the cases become scared especially young girls who were in sex trafficking. These people should be locked up and ashamed of themselves.


"UAW Local 6000, which represents thousands of employees in the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, is working with the department to train more workers to watch for signs of human trafficking among those with whom they come in contact." Also, Local police agencies must look deeper into prostitution-related crimes for signs of trafficking."

ArticlEs Conclusion

“I’m sure there are (sex trafficking) rings going on right now in Lansing,” said an agent who leads the FBI’s Lansing office.

"It’s a problem that deserves our attention."

My conclusion

Everybody has to do something to prevent trafficking. If everybody does there job by helping the police out, there will be no more traffickers because they will all be caught and our country and there world will be a safer place. This is an issue we need to put an end.

By Theodore Karabetsos

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