Texas Reconstruction! By henry easton and HArrison giles

Is the war over? Or has it just begun?

Reconstruction is happening all around the confederacy and we have some in Texas. We know for sure that Texas will be re-entering in the Union, but lets see what the people have to say. This needs to happen so that the South is not left in ruins.

"This is a disgrace to the Texan people. Admit we're wrong? Admit we were abusing humans? Get rid of our slaves and act as if we are ok with it? We lost the fight, but we will not lose our dignity." -Jack Matthews, Reporter for Texas Real.

We have Lincolns old plan that was leaked by the government. It only required 10% of the people to apologize for the state to came back into the Union. After Lincoln was shot, Johnson's plan raised the bar. He stated that a larger amount have to apologize, their secession had to be nullified and they had to officially abolish slavery.

Gordon Granger, a general who is taking control of Texas with a union force. He encourages juneteenth, a happy day where slaves were just freed. Then in the recent events, the freedmans bureau, a handicap for freed slaves, is sweeping the nation with food, protection, and help. Some people argue that this is too generous. But let's be real, they're probably racist.

Johnson, the president, appointed Hamilton, a Unionist, as the governor who agrees with most policies of the north, but is not anti slavery. And recently, in the constitutional convention, a group was appointed to decide what rights former slaves should receive. This was a very biased convention, for it contained several confederate leaders that supported secession and the confederacy. A few of which, were not pardoned by the president.

BREAKING NEWS! In the constitution of 1866, it states that slavery is abolished, secession and war debt is nullified and other minor adjustments concerning freed slaves. But unfortunately, freedman are still barred from voting, holding public office, and serving on juries.

With Johnson's plan of reconstruction, the Radical Republican party overthrows Johnson and wins the majority vote because republicans feel that he set the bar to low to re-enter the union. The Radical Republicans are a party believing in full black rights. When it comes to reconstruction, they are very serious. But we are all wide eyed to see what will happen to our nation.

Are you ready for some more new news? With the radical republicans taking over, congress has made a new plan. Congress has set military districts so that troops can take control of each area to ensure the reconstruction. Military districts are areas of one or two states, that are made so that the military can control each area effectively. But with other news we are seeing the Ironclad oath being enforced. This code is made so that former confederate leaders can't vote until they pledge their allegence.

General Charles Griffin has registered freedman to vote. Over 50,000 freedman are registered, however, the south is angry. The Ku Klux Klan, also known as KKK, is a recently formed group that beats, threatens, and even kills freedmen, carpetbaggers, and scalawags. The KKK doesn't opposes the scalawaags and carpetbaggers because of their desire to play a part in reconstruction. In recent news, eight members of the KKK has set a black church on fire, killing six freedmen. After the fire, no police showed up on the scene. This is probably because many white officials in the south take part in the KKK.

RECONSTRUCTION ENDS!!! Reconstruction is ending in Texas as of March, 1870. White people in Texas are upset about radical control and influence. This includes the higher taxes and new police force. Most freed people to this day are living in their own little villages or they stayed with their plantation. Recently, democrats won the majority of the seats in the state legislature. In the recent election of 1873 for governor, Davis has lost against his democratic rival, Richard Coke. A lot of this victory had the KKK to blame. With the threats against freedmen to go to polls, the republican vote was crippled. Davis refused to step down to Coke. He locked himself in his office for four days as a protest. After the stand-off, Davis resigned on January 19, 1874.


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