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Date: 03/07 - 03/09

Progress journal


We started our discussion about the Simpson episode we watched about imagination. It's very interesting for me to see how each people reflect on the episode. While Camilla and Diana agreed on it's about how imagination can reveal the truth hidden by reality, I think that it is more of how imagination depend on experience. This is because from his experience of being very lazy, could Homer think of those invention.

Reflection Journal

Through writing that paragraph and having a discussion within my group I think I have gained a better understanding of imagination. It can be a way of knowing for us, providing us with knowledge that normally we can't see, revealing truths that were hidden by reality, things about ourselves that we might not even aware of, like how Homer was so creative, he was able to invent useful things, showing he is not as "stupid" as reality perceive. Also, imagination also depend on our experience, as only from being so lazy could Homer think of all of those invention. Lastly, it's just like every other way of knowing. If used alone, it is very fallible


Imagination is a processed within us that happen constantly, day through day -> teach us new things we have never known of before

Simpsons: homer's want to become an inventor

can't because in reality he is "stupid"

Imagination -> reveal a hidden truth: he was not like he reality perceive him

=> Imagination reveal a hidden truth, thus providing us new knowledge => A way of knowing

Extension proposal


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