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Pacific Market Trainers Help Develop New Leadership Experience

Recently, Learning & Development has been challenged to throw down the gauntlet. We have been asked to partner with executive leadership to develop a week long leadership development workshop for our retail management teams. This project will span the entire enterprise, starting mid-year 2017, and carrying us well into 2018. According to Dennis Jarosh, our Director of Learning & Development, we can expect our contribution to this venture to be the “biggest of our careers.”

National Conference Center

Nestled in Richmond, VA at the National Conference Center, Pacific market Sr. Trainers Ana Perez, Rachel Sheaffer, Sarah Baker, Finny Vuong, and Julie Denisyuk spent a week planning and developing workshops designed to develop our Managers and Directors to be better leaders. “One of the most important messages we received during that week,” Julie Denisyuk stated, “was drive to create more than just a training for these leaders. This needs to be an experience.”

Sarah Baker, Julie Denisyuk, Rachel Sheaffer, Finny Vuong, Ana Perez

The training resources from Learning and Development teams for this project currently titled “LEAD Academy” are on a national scale. We can anticipate large numbers of trainers to be used throughout the year spending up to two weeks at a time at the National Conference Center. This will be an amazing experience for all who have an opportunity to participate. Sr. Trainer James Pham is working in conjunction with Master Trainer Steve Frame to create additional activities for our training team to make this a worth-while experience. Trainer responsibilities will vacillate between both facilitation and support roles. Stay tuned to the Pacific Post for more information.

PACM SMB Training Update

Sr. Manager Lou Kane is working with L&D Consultant Paul Lim to roll out new hire training for 70+ Pacific SMB specialists in March. The pilot training will be simultaneously held in Bellevue, Walnut Creek and Irvine and include post-class virtual trainings over the next six months. Lim designed the program specifically for the Pacific market based on Small Business Director Zac Powell’s vision for the role. “Zac wants specialists to get training that will move them away from the retail mindset of waiting for customers to walk into the store to a business sales mentality,” said Kane.

“This is a growth opportunity for Verizon and we will be addressing the needs of the SMB market segment with laser focus." - Lou Kane

Lim explained the SMB new hire program was written by HQ as a 2-week program but he redesigned it into a shorter class with a concentration on Axiom and Salesforce components. Lim said the training will prepare SMB specialists to get out of the stores and go after new “mom and pop” businesses with up to 49 employees.

Kane adds that a continuing education curriculum for SMB managers is also in the works. “This is a growth opportunity for Verizon and we will be addressing the needs of the SMB market segment with laser focus," said Kane.

Prior to becoming a developer last year, Lim was a trainer in customer service, tech support and most recently B2B. When asked what he likes about being a developer, Lim said “it’s like building a house from the ground up. As a trainer I only got to see the end result, but I never got to see the training being built. I like being able to see an empty lot – nothing but dirt – and then getting to see the houses coming together.”

Project Ferrari Zooms into Action

For those of us in the retail training space, The Winning Formula has been a constant for weeks on end. Most of us have had an opportunity to contribute to both the facilitation and skills practice to improve our guest’s experience through the actions of our frontline employees. A dramatic reduction in transaction time is one of the objectives we are looking to accomplish. In an effort to continue to support this objective, our Learning and Development team is designing a process to continue chipping away at the amount of time a guest spends in our stores. In the early stages of development, this project was titled Project Ferrari.

Sr. Trainer Ana Perez

The objective of this training is to continue to enhance our guest experience by providing a quicker and more seamless in-store experience that reduces transaction and wait times. Specific actions will ensure guest wait and transaction times are dramatically reduced. Ana Perez is the lead trainer for Project Ferrari. “When you think of a Ferrari, we want you to think of SPEED,” Ana Perez stated. “So now it is up to us to ensure we are performing these actions on a consistent basis in order to maximize results.”

These S.P.E.E.D. actions came from a series of best practices used by some of the top stores in terms of transaction and wait times. SC04 (Southern California) is currently the only trial district in the Pacific Market working to implement this speed-focused approach.

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