"Hicks" A label project

The hicks are a fairly interesting group. There is a general expectation for them to wear dirtier, more worn clothes, often with a style covering work or hunting. They generally sound ineloquent, with a more rural Maine accent. They're not expected to think much, if at all, outside the niches that they occupy. They are generally expected to act immaturely or foolishly, with little regard to general etiquette. Specific stereotypes (there are some above as well) are generally that they are expected to be backwoods idiots who only know how to chew tobacco, fix things, work, hunt, talk about their trucks and be generally unintelligent.

"Compensating and Trucks, I hated living in Arundel, trucks, confederate flags, and tractors".

"County folk, wearing camo, into outdoor stuff, like hunting".

"Steel toe boots, walk around like, macho".

"Wear shit kickers, sit in the back of the parking lot in trucks, revving engines, so annoying, lazy, don't care about school or anything".

"Idiots, full of themselves, hunters, don't care about school".

There are few social advantages to bring labeled in this group. Inherently there is a lacking expectation of intelligence, though that may make pressure to succeed less. There appears to be some amount of kinship between those within this group, so finding friends is probably not a problem. This label also connotes a general reliability in regard to hands-on situations, especially machinery, which could be considered positive.

It is probably a social disadvantage to be placed in this group, as it could create a lower amount of ambition in those within it. Likely considered lower on the social scale due to its propriety toward idiots (or the stereotype of them).

What Group Would I Be In?

What Suspense

It appears that I would be considered a member of the 'wise-ass' category. This is strange, as it isn't in itself a clique, so much as a personality trait. Now, generally speaking, members of this label are considered know-it-all's, sarcastic, condescending, etc. I think that it would be reasonable to consider myself as meeting those expectations. I don't believe that I feel any particular social pressures to fulfill these, as I derive personal enjoyment from fufilling them. The only restriction that I could imagine would be a difficulty creating relationships, but as an elitist, I already care little for most other people.

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