She is Crazy After All By: Emily Kuras

It's been 2 year since the incident. I have been going to therapy ever since. I have been scared to go into the wood for two years. I have been scared for two years that she will come back. When will she come back? If she does will she be the same person or different? Will she still want to kill me? Will she come back?

It was a normal day in Springfield. I woke up got dressed and had breakfast. I said bye to my parents and then left for the bus. Something weird happened. People kept on saying they were sorry and they said good luck to me at school. I asked john what was happening and he said that mary was going on trile to be released from her mental hospital. Everything froze I asked him how that could be possible and he said that she was showing improvement. "Showing improvement, she tried to kill me!" I started to yell. " What if she is faking it again? Then what?" " I don't know but, you have to relax she probably won't win. Ok?" He tried to relax me. "Everything will be ok." We parted ways and went to class.

I was in science class and no matter what I did I couldn't pay attention. Mary would be going to the same school as me, she could be in the same class as me. I started to look out the window and I saw her I saw Mary. I screamed so loud, I panicked, I didn't know what to do. I ran out the door and into the bathroom and I started to cry. I cried a lot, I didn't want to die. I was sitting on the bathroom floor with my eyes in my hands. All of the memories of that day in the woods came back to me. I could smell the dirt and I could taste the blood. I could hear the footsteps of Mary following me. I could see the trees racing past me. I could feel the sweat running down my face. "MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!" I screamed. A teacher came in the bathroom and she took me out I was still crying I was terrified. What if Mary was after me again. Before I knew it I was in the principal's office. I was out of the horrible trance. I was still crying, my mom was there. After they talked I went home my mom kept on asking me questions but, I didn't answer, I didn't say anything.

When I got home I started to feel better, I watched some TV and ate some lunch. My mom had to leave to run some errands. I was sitting there and the phone rang. I said hello the person on the phone said he was from the metal hospital that Mary was kept. He asked asked for my mom and I said she wasn't available. I asked if I could take a message. He said that Mary has be released. I froze, he hung up. I couldn't think of a life with mary. A life with a person who tried to kill me. I sat on the couch and tried to tell myself that everything will be ok but, then I saw her I saw mary she was in the window. I ran up the stairs, all of the adrenaline that I had in the woods was back. Not knowing what to do I went into my little brothers room and hide in his closet.

" Hello? Where are you?" Mary said in a creepy voice. I could hear her footsteps coming closer. She went into my room and I immediately ran down that stairs. She heard me, she took a book from my room and threw it at me. I fell down the stairs. My leg cut open, I started to limp and went out the door. I ran down the street as fast as I could. The pain in my leg was like someone took an axe to it, but I knew if I stopped then she would catch me. I saw her running behind me. I kept on running until I saw a gas station. I went into the gas station and weighed. She didn't come, I left the store and didn't see her. I started to walk down the street. I saw the woods. The woods that I would never go in again. The woods that I almost died in.

"I am coming for you!" I hear behind me. I started to run again. There was no way to go. Stupidity I ran into the woods. I didn't know where I was going, I heard her behind me. I didn't know what to do so, I ran to the same house that I was almost died in. I started to cry, I was running for my life, I raced in the house. "You can't hide!" I heard her say. I ran up the stairs I felt her hand touch my hurt leg and it stung like a million bees where stinging me at once. I kicked her hand off of me and went all the way up the stairs. I was terrified but, I kept on thinking that if I stopped then she would catch me and I could possibly die. I also thought that I would never see any of my family or friends if I stopped. I was limping I ran into a room and I called john I told him that I was going to die and that I was at the house.

I am coming for you!" I hear her say. She went to the opposite side of the house. I quietly went downstairs and told myself that I can't run any more and I have to hide. I ran to the closet that is closest to when you walk in the door. I sat there in the closet trying not to think that I will die. I started to think of all of the fun times I have had with my friends and family. I couldn't die. I haven't gone to college, I haven't seen the world, I haven't fallen in love. I heard footsteps, she was coming for me. This is how I would die. The door opens and I scream. "What's wrong?" I hear john say to me. "She is after me. We have to go. We could die." I say to him." Relax. Who is after you?" He asked. "Mary she got released." I say to him. "No she isn't. She lost the trile" he said. "You mean I did all do this to myself?" I asked.


“No Mom I don’t want to go to the hospital, Mary is there, what if she kills me.” I pleaded to my mom. “She isn't at this hospital.” She said to me. “She could be. Anyway I don't need this.” I said to her. “Honey, it ok they are just going to help you. I will visit every day and you will be out in no time.” She told me. I then said bye to my mom and got put into something that seems like a jail cell and then I started to talk to someone who lives next to me. We talked for awhile and she made me feel a little bit better about being in a mental hospital. “By the way my name is Michelle, Michelle Collins.” I told her.“Hi, this is a very good hospital I don't feel like killing you anymore.” I froze

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