Powerplay By Steppenwolf


1969 | Rock

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“Those in the dark, you know they're no longer blind. -- They're breakin' from your strangle hold on their minds. -- Those who can see don't need no one to cross the street. -- Be careful who you're pushin' round, they just might find you obsolete."


  • Monster is the first Steppenwolf LP with lead guitarist Larry Byrom instead of Michael Monarch.
  • The album was the first Steppenwolf album not to feature a top ten hit, though "Move Over" and "Monster" cracked the top 40.
  • Steppenwolf was formed in late 1967 in Los Angeles by lead singer John Kay, keyboardist Goldy McJohn, and drummer Jerry Edmonton (all formerly in The Sparrows).


Luke Tatum

The thread of liberty woven through the fabric of time...this time, with Steppenwolf! A sentiment that many before and after have echoed through music: "What gives you the right hey you; To stand there and tell me what to do?; Tell me who gave you the power; To stop me from livin' like I do?" It's a simple question but one that we still grapple with today. Many people--too many, mind you--answer these questions with "the public." By some mystical process, voting is supposed to endow our rulers with the "right" to govern. Nevermind that the majority of people do not vote at all, that ruins the narrative. Nevermind that the processes by which the canidates are selected are corrupt and flawed, that ruins the narrative. Nevermind that the very institution that these people are seeking to rule puts out propaganda to influence public opinion and sway the minds of voters, that, too, ruins the narrative. It's a flimsy construction but one that nearly everyone has constructed in their mind, either by their own design or via the idea implantation system known as public school.

Sherry Voluntary

“Just one time I'd like to be somewhere where, none of your clever lies fill the air”

Nicky P

I'm always a little bemused when i see one of these songs that throws up the whole "bite the hand that feeds you" flag. They throw it out there as if those in power are few and living terrified that their will over the people will be broken at any moment. It's the same reasoning that let's some people look at a police officer or politician and say "you work for me buddy." It's a brilliant fantasy and true to the intention of the founders but it's not accurate to reality. Sadly stockholm syndrome is deep into our culture ad you need to convince the people that authority is given not forced on the governed. The attitude this song carries is the same attitude that some hardcore anarchist hold. here's this inherent belief that if we all just walk away and ignore the government it will just cease to be. I would love if that were the case but the truth is, where we're at it's more likely they'll go Waco on your town and say you were all terrorists to send a signal to would be defectors. Frightening, sure, but i'd be lying if I said it didn't sound accurate.

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Nicky P