Go-Kart Project Ryan kramer

Problem Statement- We have to design, build and test a drill powered go-kart. We have two marking periods to complete this project. The materials provided are a 18v drill, 1 sheet of plywood, miscellaneous hardware, and wood glue. We also have a $25 budget to buy additional materials.

This is an example of how we would set up the drill to spin the wheel.


This picture shows a good idea of what we are going to build


This video shows how to a good idea for a whole go-kart

This video shows how to build the power system of the go-kart

This is a drawing of our idea of what we are going to build.
This basically says we need to add weight to the front of the cart so it doesn't flip
Drawings of all components of the go-kart

Build Phase

We made measurements for our frame and we used the shop bot to cut it out.

Top View
Side View
Our finished frame
We put a beam underneath the frame for extra supprt
Our finished frame
Adding the seat

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