Thomas Marek tap dancer, performer, choreographer & coach

Thomas Marek has been a leading artist for contemporary tap dance in Germany and Europe for the last 25 years. In his work he is blending traditional and modern forms of tap dance and jazz with contemporary musical and theatrical elements.

Thomas started tap dancing at age 14. Two years later, he met Brenda Bufalino at a workshop. She quickly became his most in fluential teacher at that time. He also had the opportunity to get to know and to study with tap innovators Honi Coles, Cholly Atkins, Chuck Green, Buster Brown, Lon Chaney, Jimmy Slyde and Gregory Hines.

After finishing school in 1992 and an intensive training period in the USA, Thomas Marek became a professional tap dancer. After touring in Florida with Brenda Bufalino's "American Dance Orchestra" in the early 1990s he started focusing on his own artistic performances and tap dance productions. He created, produced and directed over 6 original theater & dance productions. He is a regular guest in theaters and festivals all over Germany, Europe and the USA.

He performed in Spain, Brazil, Israel, France, Switzerland, in the USA and in many theaters all over Germany and shared the stage with tap dance greats like Brenda Bufalino, Barbara Duffy, Sarah Petronio, Jimmy Slyde and Gregory Hines.

„Thomas Marek is a wolf of a dancer. Tall, rangy, feet apart, he gives the floor a resonant thrashing. Don't think just complex shuffles and brushes; think kicking a stone down the block“ The Village Voice, New York 2005

Performer & Choreographer

To work with Thomas was one of the most fun and challenging experiences of my dance career. It was a secure environment and he built up trust to collaborate and search for expressions through the dance. This process was really challenging for me. I had to work hard to overcome my fears, but in the end it was very rewarding and I felt I took a big step as an artist. Daniel Larsson

Thomas Marek conceived, choreographed, produced and directed over six original dance shows (Funked Up, about tap vol. 1 & vol. 2, Orchestra, Drama, Nola), 4 full evening shows with TAP&BASS, as well as multiple TV Shows, short films and theater productions (ARD Sportler des Jahres, Stamp, Theatersommer im Clussgarten).

In his own productions he staged and choreographed solos and ensemble pieces with tap masters like Brenda Bufalino, Sarah Petronio, Barbara Duffy, Josh Hilberman, Leela Petronio, Travis Knights, Daniel Larsson and many more.

His style of choreography has a conceptual approach and he works closely with his dancers trying to include their specific talents and strength into the piece. He also uses improvisaton as part of his choreographies and compositions.

Working with Thomas Marek was a welcome challenge. He stretched me as an artist and sent me on a journey that continues to this day, to reach deeper. I’m grateful for being included in the inspiring creation process. Travis Knights

Teaching & Coaching

In 2007 Thomas opened his own tap dance studio "Footprints" in Hamburg, Germany. As a teacher and coach he taught internationally at Steps On Broadway, Broadway Dance Center, The Herräng Swing Dance Festival, Harlem Festival Lithuania, Tap Ahead Festival Düsseldorf and many workshops all around the world.

In August 2016 he started a one month professional training program for tap dancers in his studio in Hamburg. The program is targeted at semi & professional dancers who want to bring their skills to a new level.


Phone Germany: +49 (0) 160 90 37 14 00

Phone Austria: +43 (0) 663 06154557‬

Press Photos

Body of work | Videos

Tap&Bass "BEATS" 2017, created by Kurt Holzkämper and Thomas Marek

"NOLA" Trailer 2017, created, conceived and choreographed by Thomas Marek

featuring Meschiya Lake, Travis Knights, Sandra Kluge, Ellen Marek, Daniel Larsson & Thomas Marek. Kampnagel, Hamburg.

"NOLA" | 'PHOENIX 2', created, conceived and choreographed by Thomas Marek

featuring Daniel Larsson, Meschiya Lake, Uwe Hollmer, Markus Voigt & Ensemble

Thomas Marek & The Short Tail Stompers. Live at Harlem Festival, Lithuania 2017.

"CUTE", improvisation with the Short Tail Stompers

Thomas Marek & Band, Berlin 2015. Featuring Lorenz Boesche, Stefan Dahm, Oliver Karstens & Markus Voigt

"DRAMA" 2012, created and conceived by Thomas Marek

Kampnagel, Hamburg. Featuring Laura Mogalle & Thomas Kolczewski

"DRAMA" 2012, created and conceived by Thomas Marek

Kampnagel Hamburg. featuring Ellen & Thomas Marek and Kurt Holzkämper

"ORCHESTRA - EXPANSIONS&DIMENSIONS" 2010, created, conceived and choreographed by Thomas Marek

Kampnagel, Hamburg. Featuring Josette Wiggan, Laura Mogalle, Karolin Illies, Anina Krüger, Thomas Kolczewski, Luciano Maiwald, Sören Fenner, Kurt Albert, Ruben Perez & Thomas Marek

"about tap_vol no.2" / "The Big Loop" 2006, created, conceived and choreographed by Thomas Marek

Kampnagel, Hamburg. Featuring Brenda Bufalino, Sarah Petronio, Leela Petronio, Pia Neises, Josh Hilberman & Thomas Marek

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