Presenting High-school students with all of their options By: Keri rees

High school guidance counselors are not presenting the students with other options aside from college, creating more stress and anxiety in the teenagers life.

There are many successful occupations that do not require a college diploma.

Schools should have one on one meetings with students to help him or her to develop an individualized plan that best meets his or her needs. The student should be presented other options aside from college such as a trade school or online school.

By guidance counselors meeting with students and giving them other options besides a typical four year college, a counselor can help to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety students face. When the student is less stressed he or she will preform better and his or her health may benefit from that.

A four year college may be beneficial for some, if not most, persons. However through individual meetings, guidance counselors should make students aware of other options regarding his or her future.


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