Learning Never Stops March newSletter update

We're already half-way thru of our schooling and soon will be deployed to the nation where God called us out to go. We've been learning a lot and being refreshed of the things that sometimes we tend to neglect. Let me walk you thru with some of the happenings that happened recently and with the ministry that God entrusted us and even in my personal life.
Cultural Trip Exposure in Pampanga.

Last March 25-26, we had our cultural exposure trip in our churches in Pampanga. We've been welcome by our Regional Director of Central Luzon, Pastor Jerome Guiterrez and hosted us with a boodle fight (very famous food tradition in the Philippines) over lunch.

Ptr. Jerome is the one who took the selfie and our class during the boodle fight.
We had a chanced to perform the song We Will Go by Every Nation Music with matching sing and dance performance during the worship services.
The men of School of World Missions got the chance to have a mentoring session with Ptr. Jerome in the afternoon while waiting for 5PM Worship Service.

Every year, there's an annual event that Victory Philippines do (so called DISCIPLESHIP CONVERGENCE) to give the vision of the movement for the whole year. This year, the theme this year is ENGAGE, engaging our community in our nation, provinces, cities, municipalities, and barangays.

Some of the students of School of World Missions 2017.
Ptr. Steve Murrell, author of WikiChurch, 100 Hundred Years From Now, The Multiplication Challenge and many more great books and founder of Victory Philippines, shared a powerful message about being the Salt of this world of the nation of the Philippines. He shared the text in Matthew 5:13-16, charging every Victory Group Leaders and Interns that Jesus said to His disciples that they are the salt of the world. And today, the baton was passed unto us that we are the Salt of the world and we are charged to make an impact in our community by preaching the Gospel to every people, every tribe and every language.
Bishop Ferdie Cabiling commissioned the Victory Group Leaders and Interns to engage our culture and community.
The event ended by singing the newest of Victory Worship, Awit ng Bayan, our first ever Filipino music. We can engage as well our community through music that they understand and with the language that they understand.

To end this newsletter update, being part of my team, I would like to update you as well with what's happening with me, personally.

This was my mom and my youngest brother.

My mom passed away last September 19, 2016 during my first day of MPD Training. It was tough for us as a family because it was the first and it was our mom. But then, we trusted God's way and plan and believing that God had the better plan for our mom. It didn't ended there because just this month of March 18, 2017, my youngest brother passed away as well. Having the case of cerebral palsy, made him not to walk, understand things what's happening around him, can't even sit on his own but trusting God's ultimate plan for him alone that where we found security for him and for our family. Doctors told us that his case will just last 7 years but God gave him almost 17 years of existence here on earth. Coming out of the womb of my mom without heartbeat and pulse and miraculously coming back to life that causing him to be a cerebral palsy patient, we didn't know what was God's purpose of his existence. But we just believe that God will show His glory in his life and true enough, God used him to bring joy in our family and to be an inspiration of fighting for our life each and everyday. And he was never a burden to us but instead a blessing to our family and to every people that saw him. God is really sovereign and indeed faithful! Let me end this story with this verse..

Let's fight as we continue to live on our life here on earth and I do believe God will show His gloriousness in our lives.

To end this letter, I want thank you wholeheartedly for standing with me in prayers and for supporting me and being part of my team as we continuously advance God's kingdom. Again..

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