Artillery north vs. south

Artillery is large-caliber guns used in warfare on land. Many different kinds of guns were used during the war but the most common were the Springfield model of 1861, Rifled Musket, and the bowie knife. The guns were very heavy. The union had about 2 million people, and the confederate had about 1 million, while the union had about 350 thousand casualties and confederate had 250 thousand casualties. The war went from 1861-1865 and the North had so many more weapons than the South. It was not only guns that were used, cannons and knifes were included in the war. It was a very rough war between the North and the South, but the North ended up winning which ended slavery. Many states wanted to secede the union because the needed the slaves to not pay people. It is a very good thing though that the North one because slavery was a terrible thing.

These two cannons were two very old weapons used in the Civil war.
This was the Spencer Repeating Rifle, the most used gun in the Civil War.
This is a bowie knife used now of days. This is not one from the Civil War, but the used them to attack people because the were very affordable.


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