The Growth of an Artist Jenny Pugh


My growth target that I received at the beginning of this year included improving my drawing and painting skills, mainly with smooth shading. This piece is the best example as to why I needed to grow in this area. This piece is supposed to look similar to a flower, but the hard edges make it impossible to make out.
This piece from Intro to Art from freshman year is another good example of why part of my growth target was to work on my drawing and painting skills. While this piece looks more realistic in the sense that you can tell there are actual objects my shading skills still could be improved on. The gradations between dark and light could be smoothed out to make the objects from the still life look more realistic.
Another place to grow is in taking risks. In all of the art projects I completed before taking Honors Art I always played everything safe. The things I knew how to do were what I stayed with. I never branched out to try things I had never done before. This photography piece is a great example because completing this piece in photography sophomore year didn't really challenge me. While I learned how to do a few new things with photoshop it didn't push me to further my skills.
The strength included in my growth target was that I look for a solution with full effort. I think this wheel thrown piece from 3D design my junior year really highlights that because it was supposed to be in the shape of a cup. My hands slipped which formed this shape and instead of scrapping the entire piece I decided to make it into a gravy boat.


During my time in Honors Art I have completed a multitude of projects. I think this charcoal and watercolor piece shows my growth in the area of improving my craftsmanship in drawing and painting. My gradation in the watercolor for the most part is smooth. The origami elephant made out of charcoal shows the growth in my ability to make an object look more realistic. While there are many improvements that could be made in this piece I think it really shows off how far I have come.
My growth target for this year included to try to take more risks when making art. I think this second watercolor piece is one of the biggest risks I took this year in terms of art projects because I had not worked with watercolor much before. By taking on a piece that was all watercolor I was pushing myself into taking on projects that I was not comfortable with. Though the piece is not my best work I am really proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone.
In Honors Art we are supposed to work on the skills where we are lacking and polish the skills we already are proficient in. I think this piece shows off how I pushed myself into perfecting the skills I already had. Working with clay has been something I have always been comfortable with in my time at Mercy High School. I have always preferred it to drawing or painting and I think the complexity of this piece really shows off how I went above and beyond what I was able to do before.


My art career at Mercy High School has changed me in many ways. Not only have I gained more skills in creating artwork that I know what to do with but I have learned a lot about myself and the kind of art I enjoy making. While I enjoy trying new things and seeing how far I can stretch myself, what I truly enjoy is making pieces that are important to me. Pieces that hold special significance to me or that they were when I first stepped out of my comfort zone are what I enjoy making the most. This is why I am not pursuing a career in art because I would rather have my art be for myself and helping me figure out new things about myself rather than having no say in a commissioned piece. I have also learned that I should not compare my artwork to others. By being surrounded by girls who make amazing pieces I have learned that comparing what I can do to what they have done will not help me in furthering my skills. We all have different skill sets and styles when it comes to art, so it is obvious that our pieces do not look the same. The fact that everyone has their own style of art is what makes art so special to me. I think if my art was exactly like someone else's I would not have as much fun in creating art because I know it would be a copy and it wouldn't have any meaning to me. Having the ability to be creative will really help me in life when I trying to make something new out of something that is cliche or expected.

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