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AGP Skill Builder:Digital Video for Education Class 1 (3.08.17)

Our first assignment was to create a short fifteen second video to promote a vacation/travel company using found video and audio assets.

Around this same time last year I began attempting to learn my way around Premiere Pro. I'm highly proficient in iMovie and was ready for another challenge. Unfortunately, I truly struggled to do anything more that create a timeline and drop in assets (which, to be honest, did help with this assignment). After watching the lectures from the first class, I was already learning new ins and outs that made my editing process much more enjoyable! Dealing with found assets, let alone FREE found assets, can be tricky (I deal with this in my profession), but I feel I was able to keep the quality of my video assets equal throughout the video. Overall I like the piece and look forward to learning more about transitions and effects so I can continue to create smooth, flowing content.

AGP Skill Builder:Digital Video for Education Class 2 (3.22.17)

I enjoyed this assignment more than the first purely based on the extended amount of time allotted. 30 seconds is WAY easier to work with than 15! I removed some of the stock videos from my first video and got to play around with some of my own vacation footage. To decrease choppiness, I decided to add in cross fade transitions between each clip, which made the video as a whole seem more smooth. My hope is that the "Don't Wait. Go Now" message of my faux travel company came across in the end with the addition of my newly created Go Now Travel Co. logo after the "Don't Wait" in the final clip. Maybe it only makes sense in my mind... Either way, I felt like this video gives the viewer a more personal side of the vacation and not just the pretty promo shots (which there are some of). As a side note - some of my personal clips that are seen in my Assignment 2 video can also be seen in a video I put together in January about how my boyfriend and I spent our 2016. NYE 2015-NYE 2016. This was made in iMovie was a super fun project for me and a great way to look back on an amazing year together! I've embedded the video below so please feel free to take a look if you like :)

AGP Skill Builder:Digital Video for Education -Course Reflection (3.22.17)

In middle school my parents let me have their old cam corder. We're talking a mid 90's gem that wasn't capable of functioning unless plugged in. But I made it work. I plugged it into an extension cord and dragged it all around the backyard. I even strapped headphones to the top so I could "add" music to my videos when I had no software. Since high school I've continued to play around with iMovie and can pretty much say with confidence that I've mastered most of it.

The first time I tried Premiere Pro I naively assumed it would be similar. And of course it wasn't. Because of that I've always been a bit fearful of the complexity of Premiere Pro but decided to take the plunge with this class and the upcoming Digital Video course. I anxiously accepted the challenge in front of me and was pleasantly surprised with my skill. My knowledge of the basic drag and drop functions on the Premiere timeline made this course much less daunting. I didn't find anything particularly difficult but I do feel like I did what was asked of my without going above and beyond. If I had had more time to dedicate to this course I would've definitely done so. I so enjoyed the positive and constructive feedback I received from my classmates. It is always reassuring to know that other people may feel as lost and amateur as you and that you are not alone.

Because I'm not a teacher, I can't say for sure how my knowledge will affect my students or how to engage them necessarily. But if I had to help teach someone about Premiere Pro I would follow the same steps that this course has taken. I think it is so important to spend a good chunk of time focused on teaching/learning the main screen itself and how all of the panels function because it is so complicated when first used. What I found most valuable in this course was learning the small details involved in creating a Ken Burns type effect or creating text - things that someone jumping into the program with no prior knowledge would not be able to learn on their own without doing some research.

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