The Art of Persuasion Kimberly lowman

Source: The Brand Persuasion Wheel: A simple Framework to Develop Better Strategies
  • "Works outside of our conscious awareness"
  • Four step process (attention, memory, build attitudes, motivation)
  • Implant ideas to make one believe they came up with the thought originally


Source: Top Branding Agency Insights: When Creating a Brand, Don’t Lose Sight of Your Goals
If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand. -Howard Schultz CEO of Starbucks

Agenda Setting

  • Agenda setting: “The ability of the mass media to transfer the salience of items on their agendas to the public agenda.” (McCombs and Shaw)
  • Salience: what to think about
  • Framing: how to think about it

Relating back to class

  • In the Clemson Career Workshop, we had to persuade students to be a part of the program
  • Using the four step approach through email strategies
  • Creating a more user-friendly website
  • Revamping fliers with new information and design
  • Hoping students, parents, alumni, etc. will share the same values of the workshop so that they are loyal to it
  • Also learning how to make my communication more effective

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