B Iturralde Honors art iii portfolio

Hi, my name is Brandon Iturralde, this is my art portfolio from Art III until Art IV. It goes in order from bottom top, so if you want to explore the portfolio chronologically, scroll down to the very bottom!

Outlining and Backgrounds for Peppy And The Hamster
Peppy And The Hamster
Outline and Backgrounds for The Two Wanderers Redone
The Two Wanderers Redone
Isac's Dream World

I also made three drawings based on cartoons I created last year. Isac's Dream Team Adventures, Peppy To The Rescue, and The Two Wanderers. Each of them will have an upcoming cartoon based on them in the future. These act like sneak previews in a way. I wanted to see how these characters would look with extra details, like shading and metallic coloring. It's important to note, when animating, the detailing is toned down a bit to better pace myself

Night Get Away

For my next project, I wanted to try a new art style, one that's more realistic but still cartoony. I figured I would also create a new character, because I didn't think my other characters would fit with the art style. This was also my first time making art with a different program, which is more easier to work with. I was able to apply shading and more detailed backgrounds. Drawing with the tablet felt much more comfortable too.

Sketch Drawing of Cartoon Crossover

I decided for my second project, I want to make a collage with almost all the cartoon characters I made in high school. These characters will make appearances in future animations and projects. In the planning page, Isac, Barri, and Benny and a few others from Isac's Dream Team Adventures are included. The Two Wanderers are in here. Peppy and the hamster from Peppy's Journey make an appearance. I also included characters from a planned cartoon called Top Score, as well as few extra cartoon characters I created.

Original Design

I then drew the characters in adobe animate. Being honest, I'm not a fan of drawing with a tablet, it makes it much harder when you can't see where your hand is. So it was a rather painful experience. But it is cool to see my characters in color, including characters I made when I was little, but never colored, because I always drew with pencil on paper, and only colored with shading.

Different Variations
Cartoon Crossover(Final)

Here are few more versions I did with a bit of filter editing.

What Lies Beyond

Another project I worked on while filming with Edwin. I took a lot of pictures while I was there. I made sure I was able to capture as much as possible. The lake, followed by the trees far away, the sky, and and bridge. Edwin is also in the photo as he tries to capture the beauty of exploration.

I'm gonna try to make poster in celebration of graduation day. As a special treatment, I'm using a new art style, which is a blend between my freshman and junior year art styles. I also want to include as many friends as possible, so drawing them all in cartoon form, and I'm going to include a lot of stuff in the background, all being memorable pieces from when I was young, up until me being 18. I feel this project is going to reflect on how much I've come along in the past 18 years. All the memories, the friends I've made and family, who have sticked me. I want to have it shown off on Graduation Day.

The name is Brandon Iturralde, and I'm in Art III Honors. This year of art taught me to be more responsible, and hard work pays off in the end.

My first project is a giant robot made of clay. I tried to make him look like he's getting ready to fly in the air. He's using the clouds to help him stand. He has cat ears and sharp spikes for hands. His colors are blue with black, he is also as big a mountain.

Creating the robot was quite an experience, I learned the struggles of putting clay parts together. Scoring and slipping was top priority, otherwise they would fall apart in the kiln. I placed him on a cup to hold him in place. I started off with a small model version first, to get an idea of how I wanted to shape him.

Arlene Shechet

I was inspired by Arlene Shechet from Art 21, because of how creative she can be when it comes to clay sculpture. Her work is very wonderful, and each of her pieces seems to tell of story. She must be a natural at clay from doing it for many years.

Arlene Shechet was in 1951 in New York City. She was always interested in how things were made. She would always take advantage of each material she could with. She is well known for clay sculpting and 3D sculpting in general. Arlene Shechet received a BA from New York University, and an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and a lot of her work has been displayed around many colleges.

My second and final project was an animation film, the story of a rat that got resurrected from a scientist after being hit by a car. He then must rescue his creator who was kidnapped by his less superior hamster. One of my favorite scenes is the taxi scene, where he dosen't pay the cab and deals with the consequences. Animating is really time consuming, and it takes a lot of patience. With strategy, animating can be a bit easier. I did my best to make sure everything was as fluid as possible. I used adobe animate to do all the animating, backgrounds were made on Gimp, and editing the sound effects and music is done by iMovie. I made an animatic first, to show how I wanted the scene to move. These are the planning stages. I then go back and add in between frames and coloring. This was one of my favorite projects to do, and I love how cartoony everything came out to be.

I enjoyed working on the play as it told a wonderful story and it told a message for all those who went to go and see it. I worked on the Father Lion and the Rhino. I enjoyed making the father lion, as he is the most wise animal in the play in my opinion. It was quite a big responsibility, but we were able to challenge ourselves.

Father Lion was made using folded cardboard. We then make the face with newspaper and finally paper mached it with cornstarch water and paper. To my surprise, the cornstarch helped make the lion more stronger and durable. The hair is made with cut paper hot glued to the head. For the Rhino, it was already built before, but was very destroyed, so I had to modify it to make it look like a rhino again. We simply placed cardboard inside the head to maintain it's shape, and then added newspaper to to even out the face more. Everytime I look at the those puppets, I always feel the sense of accomplishment.

I was in the Northwood Puppet Show! I wore the Rhino head and walked around on stage, I also appear in the opening scene with the Ibis and and Baby Lion, holding the puppets behind the mountains, I hold on the continents during the Pangea scene. I read the introduction to the freedom fighters, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, and I also read Gandhi's info. Working on the Puppet Show was one of my memorable moments from 2016. Everyone in the play was so nice, Ms. Burwell was a wonderful director, and I feel like I learned a lot from Donovan and Tele. They are both wonderful artists.

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