Aristaeus By Aspen HArris

Aristaeus was the God of Cheese-making, Bee keeping, Hunting, and Olive Growing

He was a minor god, his parents were Apollo and the huntress Cyrene. He married Autonoe, together they had Actaeon and Macris. When Aristaeus was born he was taken by Hermes who fed him Nectar and abrosia, while Gaea gave him immortality. The nymphs taught him how to make cheese, bee keeping, and many other things.

Thoughtful, Talented and Clever would be the character traits to describe Aristaeus because he shared his gift that he was taught with humanity so they could learn new things and develop.

The Greeks valued all things in different ways but all valued learning and discovering new things, and wished to shared these things with humanity.

Aristeuas was the one of the kindest Greek God

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