ADOBE UX Design Journal Journey

This is the start of my UX/UI experience journal journey.

"Introduction to UX Design"

“As far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product.”

Jef Raskin

Developing an app to enable students to vote for each other guided by a list of criteria based on their skills and competences.


I never went really into UX although I feel that is something that belongs to my skills. I always discussed, took on suggestions and feedback, to produce my designs and course resources, yes some UX ideas and research but never something that gives me a specific foundation about UX. I am looking forward to this course as a starting point to know more about UX.


Identify the problem: Group Work Fair Assessment

As lecturers we all know that fair evaluation within group work is always a headache. Applying Peer to Peer evaluation sustained by the lecturer’s expertise for final technical assessment.

Developing an app/web to enable students to vote for each other guided by a list of criteria based on their skills and competences. This will enhance collaboration, exchanging of skills and ideas, critical thinking and knowledge to reach one common target.


I’ve learned various things about UX and how to approach UX planning after reading and watching the video clips. It was challenging to find the way on how to avoid a back button and keep the App/Web flowing forward, I am sure there is more to learn but at least this is a good start and adds to my previous experience a significant value. Its all about communication.

The App/Web is meant to motivate students and stimulate an intrinsic motivation with a critical thinking approach. Each group will present his project and the students as well as the lecturer will rate the project through the App/Web.


Students will log into the App/Web and choose according to their skills; Designer – Programmer or Lecturer. Projects will be listed, clicking on each project a drop down menu will appear enabling the user to rate 4 different skills from 1 to 4 once these are completed the user will click submit and results will be sent to the results page. Each project will appear on the results page with the appropriate score. When all the grades are submitted the award page will show the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed.


I have learned the virtue of patient and adaptation designing this prototype. Discussing the design with users and analyzing the feedback is crucial. Through users' feedback I learned how to design a UX from the user's perspective rather than from the designer's perspective, I have also learned to adapt the design and navigational structure in a user friendly way for the targeted audience. Launching a finished product with a pre planning based on a prototype build upon the users' feedback, the probability is that is going to be accepted successfully.


The process of coming up with an idea is never easy, but if you reflect on necessities that users might have, you can come up with very good ideas. In my circumstances that’s how the idea came up. Discussing common issues with lectures and trying to find a solution by exchanging ideas and implementing.

Design Scheme for Collaborative Evaluation App

What I learned up till know is very useful for various circumstances not only from the visualization aspect but it also helps me on how to deliver structured presentation which facilitates the understanding of my students. This also enhance the way how to design and present lessons online for my students.


After going through various exercises in this course and collaborated with a couple of users, I think that I managed to come up with a feasible easy to use application. While finalizing my prototype there where more than a couple of times that I had to go back to the drawing board and rearrange things. One main thing that I had to modify because of security matters was “LOGIN” When I thought that my prototype was ready a user brought to my attention that there wasn’t any login feature but only a main menu with three choices DESIGNERS, PROGRAMMERS and LECTURES. I believed that this shouldn’t be an issue. When I was trying out the prototype I realized that if no login is created all users can access each other’s area of rating and anyone could rate others criteria. The issue was solved, I created a login section and each user will login according to his group. Once again this proved that feedback from users is very important.

“I’ve never had a problem with a dumb client. There is no such thing as a bad client. Part of our job is to do good work and get the client to accept it.” Paula Scher

Thank you for this course I learned a lot and got stared with ADOBE XD

Final Reflection

​I have been studying collaboration for the last 15 years, however each course and research gives you various and different experiences. I have learned that you are constantly learning throughout your life, you can learn good things as well as bad things this depends on who is your teacher, with whom you are collaborating, the community, cultural environment and at the end your decisions .

During this course I have learned new ways of thinking, relate, collaborate and cooperate. When collaborating with others especially from different countries new experiences are continuous flowing strengthening my knowledge of communication. Communicating, networking and socializing are the keys for a successful transfer learning to our students because we outset our pedagogy not only from the technical perspective but also from the human emotional perspective which adds values to our students. Including essential communication skills during a lesson will not only enhance the students' technical skills but also the values of creativity, respect and accept others opinions. At the end experience and innovation emerge from exchange of ideas, communication and collaboration.

“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together”. Paul Ryan

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