Homes for the Homeless By Tatianna Courtemanche

The homeless need homes and that fact is as basic as it is true. Homes have crucial assets that many homeless people need greatly.

The New York Department of Housing and Urban development should should provide homes to its the homeless population. Old buildings such as warehouses should be converted into housing for the homeless. Homes provide numerous benefits to people but the most imperative thing provided in a home is safety.

Homes protect us against the elements, those who would cause physical harm, and protect our valuables. Shelters may offer protection from the elements but they offer protection from little else.

Without a home, people become vulnerable to many things that would cause them great harm.

The many social and psychological benefits of a home, such as a sense of normalcy and increased self-worth, are considerable. However, safety is still the foremost benefit of a home.

After the need for safety is satisfied, homeless people can receive aid for the other problems they face. Drug rehabilitation, counseling for mental illness, and other forms of homeless aid would become much more effective once a homeless person has a home to live in.

To drive the point home, the homeless need homes. Homes provide the indispensable benefit of safety and once that paramount issue is resolved other problems will be much easier to solve.


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