Overpopulation of Jellyfish Marine Life

The population of jellyfish have increased throughout these past years. Yet no one has really put much of attention until it affected the people in their personal life. As beaches have now become quarantine meaning people are no longer in the oceans as they will be in danger of being stung by jellyfish. Jellyfish has also limited the population of fishes meaning there would be a scarcity on fish products. The other reason on why the jellyfish population has increasing in such a rapid rate is because of pollution, over fishing, and on climate change.

This a summary on what jellyfish swarms has done throughout the world.

The Jellyfish populations have been increasing throughout the years. Humans have ignored this issue for far too long until it finally started to invade beaches causing them to become unswimmable. The swarms of jellyfish will sooner or later invade our entire oceans. This was the cause of the pollution, over fishing, and on climate change. This should give us a sign that the people will have to something as pollution in our oceans have caused many of their predators to die off. The over fishing of sharks is many caused in Asia because they are mainly after for their fins to be able to use for a very expensive shark fin soup. Climate change has been affecting everyone around the world but the one receiving the most damage our oceans. The increase in temperature has affected the marine life which gave the perfect climate for jellyfishes to reproduce.

Sea turtles are not able to contain the jellyfish population as they are consuming plastic bag mistaking them of jellyfish.

The Clouds After the Storm

I have been traveling with my school of friends and family. We have been swimming throughout the great ocean. We traveled in schools because it was meant for protecting and we would all find food so much easier but we would often be targeted by predators. One day, my friends and I were looking for food. When there was a dark shadow on top of us. As it swung at us revealing its massive jaw with thousands of sharp teeth, I was able to dodge but my friends weren't so lucky. The animal had one of my closest friend in its mouth the only thing I saw was his head on his jaw. He was struggling to find a way to escape when suddenly the teeth pierced his body. I swam there looking hopeless as his head would float to the ocean floor. His blood surrounded the area but when it faded I noticed what the creature was, a shark. I swam as fast as I could and found a hiding spot in the coral. The shark started to attack my school. I was frightened, I couldn't move but then I saw the shark got pulled out of the water. I felt relaxed that he was would no longer kill my friends. I swam around the area and saw a turtle named, Alejandro. He was looking for something to eat and found something that looks like a jellyfish. As he took a bite into the "jellyfish" something went terribly wrong. He started to choke and was vomit the more "jellyfishes" would come out. Alejandro started to choke until suddenly he stopped moving. This caused him to float to the top as the waves carried his motionless body to a nearby shore. Then I felt something enter the water, as turned around and saw a huge object surrounded by blood started to sink. When the blood started to dissolve, I recognized that it was the shark but its fins and tail have been completely cut off. I swam back to my school not knowing what to react. When I arrived everyone was staring at some clouds that were under water. We thought nothing of them but as it got closer it became hard for us to breath. Until one of the clouds was right in front of me, I realized that it was a jellyfish. The animals that were able to protect us from them was Alejandro and the shark. They both died there is no a way for me to escape. As it got me tangled me with its tentacles, the venom started to go through my scales causing me to twitch. I can't breathe as I took one last look at my school it was getting completely invaded by jellyfishes.

How to Deal with Jellyfish Stings

When one enters the oceans nowadays we must be careful as there has been an increase in the jellyfish population. There are now many types of jellyfish on the beaches. Here are some instructions that may help you if you get stung by any.

Box Jellyfish: This particular of jellyfish is one of the most venomous types there is.

When stung by a box jellyfish you have to exit the water right way.

If someone in the water is being stung you must get them out of the water but you have to be caution.

Call 911 automatically

Once they are out of the water, remove the tentacles from the body and you must rinse with water until they arrive.


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