Adobe Spark Video Classroom Basics Miss Chavez

Creativity is INTELLIGENCE having FUN!!! - Albert Einstein

Adobe Spark Video is an app that allows students to demonstrate their learning through the creation of a fun video :) I usually use this as a collimating project after a unit. You can also make them for any subject! The program can be used on both the computer and iPad. I will be focusing primarily on how to use the app. It is fun and easy!

Once you have the app, you will either need a class account or individual student accounts. I like the class account because I can then monitor progress!

Now the FUN begins!

I like to have the students start from scratch.

Make sure the students Put their name in this Title... if not it will not be easy to find especially if you have a class account!

Let's get started!

the layout of the slides can be changed to have both pictures and text.

Here's what each layout looks like. I prefer the two things layout :)

App Smashing

when you need to add more text or more pictures you can now app smash!

Add more photos using Pic collage or strip design...

add a video to help illustrate a point...maybe one you made using showme, explain everything, ChatterPix, or Yakit...

Now to record...

Once you have made your slides and recorded, you can change the theme of your sprak video and add music!

Select a Theme that you like :)
Select Music that you like :)

Save and Share...

Still need a little support? Watch this youtube video...

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