Celebrating Canada! By Yashna

Canada is an amazing place. In fact Canada will be 150 years this Canada Day. I decided to tell the three features that I think are important to Canada. I am truly thankful for these features and I am proud to be a part of Canada as a citizen.

1. Attractions across Canada

There are many attractions in Canada. Here are some must see places to visit in Canada.

Attractions: CN Tower ( Ontario), Niagara Falls (Ontario), The Battlefields Park (Quebec), Gulf Islands (British Columbia), Dinosaur Provincial Park (Alberta), Grasslands National Park (Saskatchewan), Rocky Mountains ( British Columbia) and Assiniboine Park Zoo (Manitoba).

There are more than 50 attractions in each province or territory. In fact there are 446 attractions in Ontario ("Attraction Listings."). Attractions go from shopping malls to outdoor sites like mountains and waterfalls.

The Province House (P.E.I), Hopewell Rocks (New Brunswick) and Citadel Hill (Nova Scotia), Nahanni National Park Reserve of Canada (Northwest territories), Lake Laberge (Yukon) and Mount Thor (Nunavut).

Here is some information on few places:

British Columbia's Rocky Mountains are severely popular. It attracts about 4.5 million people annually. It is the largest mountain system in North America. Rocky Mountains are found 1200 km from the border of British Columbia and Alberta to Liard River Basin. These mountains have many to alpin attractions too (Grant).

Ontario has a lot of attractions. One of the popular ones is the Niagara Falls. There are many attractions in Niagara Falls but the falls are the star. People can go even up front to the falls by a boat guide. Ever since the 1905-1906 hydroelectric development, more tourist attractions were made which caused more tourists and increased the population. The largest employers are the Niagara Parks Commission, Casino Niagara and Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort. These employers help attract tourists and boost economy(Gayler and Jackson).

2. Immigration and Multicultural

Canada is a multicultural country. The word multiculturalism, came into use in the 1960s to replace the word "biculturalism” and "cultural pluralism". However "cultural pluralism" is still used in Quebec (Burnet and Driedger). After WW2, it became one of world’s main immigrant-receiving societies in 1920s.

Multiculturalism is refer in at least in 3 different senses. First is to refer to a society that is characterized by ethnic or cultural heterogeneity. The second is to refer to an ideal of equality and mutual respect among a population's ethnic or cultural groups. The last is to refer to policies implemented by the federal government in 1971 and subsequently by a number of provinces (Burnet and Driedger).

Represents immigration worldwide.

Immigration is also part of Canada. Most of Canada's population would not be here if not immigration. From 2006 to 2011, Canada welcomed over 1,162,900 immigrants (Troper). In fact, in 2011, 21% of Canada's population (6,775,800 people) were immigrants (Burnet and Driedger).

There are 3 classes of 3 categories of immigrants. First is family class where immigrants have closely related persons already living there. Next is independent immigrants which are immigrants admitted on the basis of skill, capital and labour-market requirements. Lastly there are refugees (Dirks).

3. Free Education

Canada has a free education system that is paid through taxes. Canada gives students free education to any child as long as they are a citizen of Canada. Students get free education until the end of high school. Free education in Canada usually starts from kindergarten and ends at grade 12 (“Elementary and secondary education”)

Represents the law of education.

By the law, children around the age of 5 to 6 must start kindergarten. Depending on the province or territory they live in, they must finish high school by the age of 16 to 18 (“Elementary and secondary education”).

Why is These Features Important to me?

These things are important to me because they all make up parts of my many existing and upcoming memories. Attractions are help fill memories of enjoyment, relaxation and quality time with whoever you are with. Free education helps fill memories of success and friendships. They also will be filled with a future (dream jobs coming true, achieving struggles, etc.) and hope. Multiculturalism and immigration help me make memories here in the first place. Without them, I most likely wouldn't have been born here. I wouldn't be having my firsts (birthday, competition, etc.) here. Immigration helped my parents come here and become a citizen. Multiculturalism helped us be accepted by everyone. There may be some racism here and there but most people accepts people as they are. These 3 factors help shape my past, present and future and I am truly grateful for that.

Therefore, Canada has amazing features but the top 3 to me would most likely always be these three; free education, the many attractions and last but not least multiculturalism and immigration. These three features are the most important to me. They help shape me and others around the world. I am grateful for these features and I hope some see the same for you.


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