Point of View Connor Robertson

Tom Robinson (239)

What's the point? I ain't gonna win this case. I'm surrounded by white folk and the whole jury is white. I don't stand a chance against the word of the white. The only white man that has done something for me is Atticus, and he can't do much. I, with the help of Atticus, explain what happened to the court as accurately as I can without tellin any lies. I turn around to see Mayella making her way up to witness stand. She betrayed me. You best not ever trust a white woman. Her story is far from what happened and full of lies. I know her father has something to do with this. It's obvious that he beat Mayella and is trying to cover what really happened. I wonder if Mayella will feel guilty? She really liked me. The jury has been meeting for hours. The longer I wait the more hope I have. We may have a shot at actually winning this thing.

Mrs. Dubose (137)

That boy Jem destroyed my beautiful camellia bushes. Stupid boy of stupid man. I wish I was able to beat him like I would've back in the day. The whole family is nothing but negro lovers. As a punishment Atticus is making him come read to me. I remember those days when I was young and felt like the world was mine. A world where I was indestructible. A world free of negros! Now I am old and a drug addict. I have been trying to get off of the morphine taking less and less and going a longer time without. Although, I hate the suffering, I wanna die free with nothing having hold of me. I have never felt free in life and I don't wanna die attached to anything. This is something I am doing for me. I will feel better about myself and die an honorable death.

Boo Radley (54)

As I read my favorite book, I heard a commotion outside. I look outside to see that it's the same kids I have been leaving gifts for. I put little goodies in the knothole for them. The girl, Scout, was rolled in a big tire. Her brother lost control of the tire and there she went incapable of stopping herself. It looked like they were having a fun time. I wish that my childhood was as fun as theirs. As a child I never had any friends and often felt alone. I was different and had a complicated life. I laughed at the children when she came to a sudden stop running into my house. They look terrified and quickly ran off I hope I didn't startle them or scare them I just wanted to get in on the fun. Maybe one day I will be able to meet them.

Bob Ewell (351)

Tonight is the night I get revenge on the negro loving Finches. They almost ruined my reputation even more than it already was. First, I gotta chug some alcohol. The children will be walking alone after the pageant at school. Then is when I will carry out the attack. I have been waiting for this moment for so long. Now Atticus will get what he deserves. Hopefully after tonight there will be two less negro lovers in our town of Maycomb. I start chasing the children and they to try to run, but I catch them and begin attacking. The boy Jem puts up a good fight and tries to save his sister Scout. Out of no where comes the famous Boo Radley. I hadn't seen him in quite some time. He ends up getting me off the children and kills me saving them. I lay there lifeless unable to accomplish my mission.


I believe that this assignment can change the way you thought about things the first time you read them. It forces you to put yourself into another character's shoes who is not Scout. You have to act as if you are them and consider their thoughts and feelings. I found this hard to do with Bob Ewell, because he is such a disgusting person. I even felt sick when writing from his perspective. Putting myself into Tom Robinson's shoes made me better understand his disadvantage in court and how hopeless he must have felt throughout the trial. I can't imagine living in society back then because of how different it is today. Court cases are no longer decided with little evidence and racial prejudice. Also, I never realized how different Boo Radley truly was. Reading the story I never paid much attention to him until the end where he ultimately saved the children from Ewell. Writing from his perspective made me think that he must be different from the others in Maycomb, because he has stayed inside for so long. Without socializing for a long period of time it can hurt a person and keep them out of touch with the world. Although, I do not blame Boo for his decision on staying inside. Maycomb is not a place I would like to live.


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