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This is one of the oases in the Sahara desert we're travelers stop by to feed their camels or even live here.

People can survive and live in the desert in many ways. People can survive and live in the desert in many ways. This way, they can have a water source to farm on, drink from, bath on, and nourish their animals on. The oasis can provide them with trees and fruit. They can use the wood to build houses and pens to keep their animals in. Animals are attracted to the water sources so the people living near these can hunt the animals living their. Another way that people can survive the desert is using their resources wisely. When they save their resources that are provided for them, they can live in that place longer and they don't have to move to another place. By saving their resources, they can prevent deforestation. If they ran out of trees, they have to walk many miles to find a large water source that can provide them with that material. Saving their materials means saving the limited water that's there. If they have a long period drought, at least they have some type of water source to keep them sustained instead of having to suffer due to the lack of water. With saving their materials, they can prevent desertification and that would make Africa’s ways of living more easier to live on. Even though Africa seems to hard to live on against the heat of the sun and miles of sand, there is still a chance to live in this country. There are many other ways to live in this country, but these are two possible ways to make a living in this country.

The EU trading bloc and the EU members. These countries have the right to trade with each other freely without the worry of exchanging money.

Within supranational cooperation, there are often centripetal forces that unite nations. Creating an EU trading bloc unites Europe by making outside nations want to do business with the EU. With other nations doing business with the EU, the EU has more varieties of trading goods, other known as the common market. The EU members have common currency, euro. So it will make it easier to trade with other countries that have the common currency. The development of a supranational level of government unites Europe by bringing members together to work on issues they all share. They are stronger in members than by working alone. These are two reasons why supranational centripetal forces are good for Europe.

This is the White House, this is were some U.S governments go to.

Unlimited government has no rules to follow, limited government keeps in check and have to follow the laws. Unlimited government is when a leader rules over the country with all the power. When Fujimori became a unlimited government, he did solve some problems in Peru, but killed many innocent people in the process. Limited government has limits to his-her power. The citizens feel more secure for their rights. Limited government leaders need to keep in check so they won't be a danger to the county. The United States uses limited government to keep the county safe. People will have equivalent rights and laws will be fair. Theses are the differences between limited government and unlimited government.

A city in the sunset.

What makes a Good Citizen?

A good citizen have responsibility in their nation, country, city, school, and home. A couple of ways the citizens can show it is by paying their taxes at a store, not chewing gum in schools, and simply washing their dishes at their home. Citizens also have their rights for example, when a citizen wants to protest with other people, they have a right to do that. A citizen can have freedom which allows them to vote for their government or president. Good citizens fallows their laws set by their political governments so that the citizens will be safe. These are some examples of being a good citizen.

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