Common Exhibit #4 Post-Test Analysis with Office Hours Visit

Course: CU 1010 Section

Date: 10/20/17

I will be doing a post-test analysis and office hours visit in my ECON 2010 course with professor Kelsey Roberts. This is an intro microeconomics class taught by a graduate student. For this exhibit, I will use our second exam.

Predicted Grade: 78

Actual Grade: 70

% of Total Grade: 20%

Exam Preparation Details: Flash cards, office hours meeting, reviewing notes.


I felt that this experiment did not help me as much as I had hoped. Although I was able to find out what types of problems I missed and why I missed them, the information I received on how to prevent things like this were very much similar to the study tips I am always given. "Study consistently and not in long chunks", "avoid cramming", and advice of that nature were what I was told to do in order to prevent unfamiliarity with course material. Even though these are habits one should practice, I didn't feel I gained any new knowledge from this office hours visit. However, this professor is not the greatest in my opinion, so perhaps a meeting with another professor would show better results and feedback.


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