Learning Objective #4 by Cole Gaston

Course: CU 1010 Section #017

Date: 3/13/17

Predicted Grade: 70

Actual Grade: 70

% of Total Grade: 20%

Exam Preparation Details: Flash cards, office hours meeting, self-testing, review, and practice problems.


This experiment greatly helped me. This was mainly due to the post-test analysis which helped me get a view of what I am struggling most with as well as what I can/need to improve on. By meeting with my professor I was able to speak with someone who knows better than anyone else what to expect on the exam. By going to her office, I decreased conceptual errors through repetition of the material. Although I didn’t get a spectacular grade, it is a great improvement and the experience definitely helps for future test preparation and studying. So overall, a great learning opportunity and it was most certainly beneficial.


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