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February 2019

The February Review

Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors at the Byre Theatre.

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS | The Year 11-13 cast of the all-singing, all-dancing musical production of Little Shop of Horrors drew a fantastic crowd at the Byre Theatre in St Andrews during its three-night run from 20-22 February.

Weeks of rehearsals both in school and on the professional Byre stage resulted in a spectacular show, including a sell-out performance on the final night.

Little Shop of Horrors follows the story of a talking plant, which has been displayed in the window of Mushnik’s Flower Shop in a run-down New York City neighbourhood, in a bid to attract more customers.

When one of the characters, Seymour, accidentally pricks his finger on the plant, he learns that it thrives on human blood (cue the horror!).

Kim Whatmore delivered an outstanding performance as Seymour, alongside Evie Hayward-Daventry who was convincing in the role of ditsy Audrey. Their charming and rather ‘short-lived’ on-stage love story was never doubted, whilst Valentin Trenkwalder and Andrew Ford who shared the role of Olin did very well to capture the persona of the erratic and slightly unhinged dentist!

The glamorous trio Crystal, Ronette and Chiffon, played by Molly Kavanagh, Yasmine Millar and Hannah Cooney respectively, sang heavenly harmonies with attitude throughout, circling the stage, and Mr Mushnik’s eccentric personality was captured brilliantly by James Robertson.

A special mention to Carolin Lohmann – her sultry and sassy tones as the bloodthirsty plant Audrey II commanded the audience’s attention with conviction, lifting the mood and tempting us onto the stage. Matthew Forrest must also be commended for his efforts ‘inside the plant’, making her move during every performance!

Fife Schools Hockey Festival

The Year 8 girls at the Fife Schools Hockey Festival.

FIFE SCHOOLS HOCKEY FESTIVAL | The Year 8 girls welcomed players from Madras College, Dunfermline High School and Bellbaxter to St Leonards on Friday, 22 February for the Fife Schools Hockey Festival. This is always a fun occasion, with a series of friendly fixtures played on the Astro.

Thank you to the visiting teams for joining us for a great afternoon of hockey!

Strathallan Cross Country

Our St Leonards runners at the Strathallan Cross Country.

STRATHALLAN CROSS COUNTRY | A 22-strong team of St Leonards runners competed in the Strathallan Cross Country Event on Thursday, 7 February, with Katie Duncan (Year 8) winning the D girls’ race.

A muddy and challenging course made for a brilliant competition. Well done to all those who represented St Leonards: Milli Arkwright, Marcel Badia, Eric Berge Pradell, Fiona Branch, Adam Duncan, Katie Duncan, Catherine Fleming, Jackson Fraser, Pablo Gomez-Martin, Angus Graham, Niamh Headon, Ashton Hillman, Eilidh Jarrett, Reiss Marshall, Nicholas Muller, Isobel Skinner, Faye Thomson, Iona Turner, Harriet Vincent, Maddy Wallard, Henry Wedderburn and Ruth Wedderburn.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

The fantastic Chinese New Year celebrations in the CDR.

CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS | Pupils, staff and their families were invited to gather in the CDR at the beginning of the month for our annual Chinese New Year celebrations, which are always a highlight of Spring Term. Thank you to all the students and staff who worked hard to ensure everyone had a fantastic evening, and to Sze Yiu in Year 12, who has submitted a brilliant write-up all about our Chinese New Year celebrations earlier this month.

‘On Friday, 1 February, the Chinese New Year was once again celebrated with enthusiasm in the CDR. Thanks to all the passionate Chinese students who organised this awesome event, we all know from our experience that being an organiser is not as easy as it looks, and the key point was to work as a team. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the evening – it was fantastic with your help.

‘The CNY celebration was kicked off with a brief presentation about the Year of the Pig and Chinese New Year just as in the past. The first entertainment was the Tea Ceremony, which was performed by an exchange student from the University of St Andrews. That performance was definitely one of a kind! Another highlight of the celebration was Chinese dancing, which was performed with flying colours by a Chinese girl who spent months practising.

‘The raffle is always a highlight of the whole celebration and creates tension. This year we did something slightly different, as the raffle tickets used to be red pockets/envelopes, and this year we decided to use red paper cards instead and let the audience randomly pick the lucky individuals instead of putting their destiny in the computer’s hands. We absolutely did not regret trying something new, everyone loved that part and of course all the lovely prizes.

‘Being students in a school with an international feel, we are very grateful to have this golden opportunity to celebrate this significant festival with fellow pupils from different countries. All of your compliments and acclamations are well received; thus we are motivated and determine to make the celebration more delightful next year!’

Sze Yiu Wong, Year 12

Careers Focus: Health Psychology

Sixth Form students with guest speaker Dr Hannah Dale and Dr MacLean.

CAREERS FOCUS: HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY | Our Year 12 and 13 students were joined by Dr Hannah Dale of NHS Tayside during Sixth Form Assembly for a special careers focus on Health Psychology.

Dr Dale spoke to pupils about the different routes into Health Psychology as a career, and about the various disciplines within Psychology more broadly, including Clinical and Behavioural Psychology.

She explained that Health Psychology involves working with patients with long-term conditions such as diabetes, cancer and obesity. It is about understanding and changing thoughts, behaviours and emotions in health, illness and healthcare.

There are a number of different areas that Health Psychologists can work in, including schools, universities, private practice, NHS and third-sector organisations.

Dr Dale emphasised the importance of completing a British Psychology Society accredited degree or conversion course, and gave examples of Scottish universities currently offering such programmes.

Our thanks to Dr Dale for taking the time to share her career experience and insights, and to Dr MacLean for organising this informative presentation.

John Inverdale Visit

St Leonards Captains of Sport, Mr Turnbull and Mr Durward with BBC presenter John Inverdale.

JOHN INVERDALE VISIT | Our Captains of Sport met with BBC presenter, John Inverdale, who stopped off at St Leonards before he travelled to Murrayfield, where he was presenting coverage of the Six Nations Scotland v Ireland rugby international.

The broadcaster, who has presented coverage of major sporting events including the Olympic Games, Wimbledon, the Grand National and the FIFA World Cup answered questions from Sixth Formers about his career on television, radio, and in the world of sport.

Trinity Guildhall Drama Awards

Congratulations to all those who received their Trinity Guildhall Drama certificates during Assembly.

TRINITY GUILDHALL DRAMA AWARDS | Congratulations to all the Senior School and Sixth Form pupils who received their Trinity Guildhall drama certificates during Assembly this month. Lots of great results across the grades!

Year 8 & 9 Concert

Performers at the Year 8 & 9 Concert.

YEAR 8 & 9 CONCERT | Our Year 8 & 9 musicians gave a super performance to start off our 2019 Thursday evening concert programme. The audience enjoyed a full range of genres and instruments, from Jazz Band to French horn, piano and voice. Thank you to everyone who stood up on stage and performed, and to all the members of staff who were involved with organising another great night of music.

Young Enterprise Scotland Workshop

Year 12 & 13 students at the Business Workshop.

YOUNG ENTERPRISE SCOTLAND WORKSHOP | On Thursday, 31 January Lisa Wardlaw and Mark Armstrong from Young Enterprise Scotland (YES) came to St Leonards to deliver a Business Workshop on Social Enterprising. Business students from Years 12 and 13, including BTEC and Young Enterprise pupils, participated in an afternoon of presentations and group activities.

By the end of the workshop, each of the groups had created their own social enterprise and presented it to their peers, having learned how to apply the concept of Social Enterprising.

Some brilliant business ideas were proposed including:

  • BalaPaz – A social enterprise making jewellery out of bullets, weapons and e-waste. Slogan: ‘Jewellery you would die for.’
  • Oceanastic – Mobile phone cases and pens made from recycled plastic. Slogan: ‘Making the world fantastic by removing plastic.’
  • Pawsitive – A company making canned dog food, the funds from which would go towards preventing dogs from being killed unlawfully in Ukraine. The students identified this as a topical issue they had read about in the news. Slogan: ‘A can of Pawsitive makes your dog’s life so positive.’
  • S-Tiles – Tiles made from recycled pottery and china. Slogan: ‘Piles of tiles’.
  • AfricaTion – High-quality notebooks made from recycled paper, to help education in Africa. Slogan: ‘Teach for Teach’.
  • EducAid – Training teachers in developing countries. Slogan: ‘Enjoy, listen, educate,’

Thank you to Mark and Lisa for delivering a fun and informative experience, which the students thoroughly enjoyed!

Some of the pupils have written reflections on the afternoon, sharing what they learned:

‘We received a detailed explanation about the purpose of social enterprises and a presentation to go along with it to get a strong understanding of what social enterprises are and why they are useful.

‘Later on, we were split into even groups with each group having a Year 12 and 13 student as well as a Young Enterprise and a BTEC student. In our groups we had to come up with an idea of a social enterprise collectively. Each group had to make an A3 size detailed sheet of paper with the ideas that they came up with and then present it at the end.

‘There were some different ideas within groups, but that showed how sometimes not every person in the group agrees on an idea even if the rest of the group decide upon it. Overall it was a successful afternoon and the workshop was very informative but also fun for everyone. It was laid out well and managed well by the members from Social Enterprise Scotland.’

- Aman Choudhry, Year 12

‘The activities set, although challenging at times due to figuring out group dynamics, were extremely fun and engaging, with members in each group participating and coming up with ideas in order to create our own social enterprises. From this, we were able to learn how to come together as a team and produce our own business idea. After coming up with an idea, each group was able to present their social enterprise, giving people the chance to talk about their business and share thoughts on it. It was an educational and worthwhile experience, which allowed us to develop our business skills in a fun and engaging atmosphere.’

- Emma Rubidge, Year 12

Kilgraston Swimming Gala Success

The St Leonards U13 girls' swim team.

KILGRASTON SWIMMING GALA SUCCESS | Congratulations to our U13 girls’ swim team, who were overall champions at the Kilgraston Swimming Gala on Thursday, 31 January.

Fiona Branch won the U13 50m Breaststroke, Milli Arkwright came first in the U13 25m Butterfly and 4 x 25m Individual Medley, and the girls were top in the 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay.

An absolutely superb achievement from Fiona, Milli, Katie MacAulay and Isobel Williams!

GCSE Geography Urban Fieldwork

The Year 11 geographers out and about in St Andrews.

GCSE GEOGRAPHY URBAN FIELDWORK | The Year 11 GCSE geographers have been out and about in St Andrews conducting and Environmental Quality Index. They were investigating how environmental quality changes with distance from the centre of town along three transects.

Pupils completed a bipolar analysis, scoring key factors at each location, including the amount of green space and noise. They discovered that quality improves with distance from the centre.

The Year 11 group also conducted a questionnaire, asking St Andrews residents about their perceptions of environmental quality, as well as a land use survey to determine whether the down fits a particular model of land use. They found that in the town centre it is mainly commercial use.

Thank you to Mrs Henderson and Mrs Adrain for organising a great Urban Fieldwork Day!

BSSRA Junior Championship

Francesca with fellow members of the St Leonards Rifle Club.

BSSRA JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP | Congratulations to Francesca Calder (Year 10), who has qualified for the finals of the British Schools Small-bore Rifle Association (BSSRA) Junior Championship 2019!

Francesca is the only pupil from a Scottish school to qualify, following a very competitive second round in the competition.

It is brilliant to see national success from our St Leonards Rifle Club members, and we wish Francesca all the best for the finals!

Year 8 Games on the Beach

A Year 8 Games lesson on the East Sands.

YEAR 8 GAMES ON THE BEACH | Frosty weather in early February led to frozen pitches, but fortunately our neighbouring beach came into its own for Games lessons! Year 8 wrapped up for a run along the water’s edge, and it might have been a chilly morning but it was a beautiful day for it once everyone was warmed up! A great lesson structured around the pupils building on their fitness!

Inter-House BandSlam

Pupils on stage at the Inter-House BandSlam 2019.

INTER-HOUSE BANDSLAM | Senior School pupils rounded off part one of Spring Term with our first ever St Leonards Day House BandSlam competition in the Music School Auditorium.

Two groups each from Bishopshall, St Rule and Ollerenshaw took to the stage with a great mix of tunes, including ‘The Cup Song’ from the film ‘Pitch Perfect’ and Dusty Springfield’s ‘Son of a Preacher Man’. It was a tense competition, with a series of great pupil performances put on by each of the groups in a bid to win the BandSlam 2019 title for their house.

Congratulations to the winning band from St Rule, led by Beth Purvis (Year 9), who performed an outstanding cover of ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’ by Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus!

Golf vs. Loretto

St Leonards golfers against Loretto earlier this month.

GOLF VS. LORETTO | The St Leonards golf team played against Loretto on Wednesday, 20 February, losing narrowly 3-2. Well done to Eric Berge, Konstantin Gaissert, Maya Zilikens, Lina Doering, Emily von Wrangel, Marie Muench, Lorenzo Simao, Robbie Feng, Henrietta von Dobschuetz and Johanna Metzger who represented St Leonards on the course this month!

Lacrosse at Home and Away

The St Leonards girls lacrosse teams.

LACROSSE AT HOME AND AWAY | The girls had home and away lacrosse fixtures against Glenalmond, with the 1sts and the U13s playing on Big Field, while the U14s and U15s travelled to play in Perthshire.

In the Seniors match, three great goals were scored by captain Kathryn Wright, and two by Ruth Wedderburn. A good performance by all, with super goal-keeping from Yasmine Millar.

The Year 10 girls went down to Glenalmond, and the Year 8 squad lost narrowly 5-6, with goals from Katie MacAulay (x 2), Maddy Wallard and Sophie Clarke (x2).

Our next fixtures will be against Robert Gordon University in March, with home games scheduled for the Year 10 and Senior girls.

James Gregory Lecture

Professor Patrick T. Smith of Duke University with Year 12 students.

JAMES GREGORY LECTURE | Year 12 had the opportunity, as part of their Theory of Knowledge programme, to hear from Professor Patrick T. Smith who is associate research professor and senior fellow at Duke University in the USA.

As a moral philosopher who has specifically researched areas of 'Healthcare Ethics' and 'Social Ethics' he encouraged a discussion of what it means to look at 'complex questions' and consider the importance of examining underlying assumptions in these questions.

Whilst referring to the work of Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill and Immanuel Kant, Professor Smith interacted with the many questions that were posed about the implications of certain ethical theories and what it means to be human. He gave four of his own principles for 'living an ethical life' which were solidarity, patience, finitude and humility. The image of a 'turtle on a fence post' which he quoted from an interview with the American writer Alex Haley will remain a vivid reminder of the focus he placed on the fact that 'we don’t do life by ourselves'.

The range of questions in the follow up Q&A was fascinating and ranged widely from topics such as biomedical research on higher level primates, animal rights, end of life care, whole brain death, euthanasia, religious considerations and the flourishing of human life.

Tornado Farewell Flypast

Crowds gathering near St Andrews for the Tornado farewell flypast.

TORNADO FAREWELL FLYPAST | Tornado jets could be spotted for the final time in the skies near St Leonards earlier this month when the iconic GR4s passed over our neighbouring military base Leuchars Station (formerly RAF Leuchars). Hundreds of fans gathered in the fields just outside the town to watch the planes pass overhead on their farewell flight.

Our Junior School classes headed outside to see if they could spot the impressive jets from the school grounds!

New BTEC Podcast

Year 12 students Tom and Matthew share their experiences in our new BTEC podcast.

NEW BTEC PODCAST | In the latest episode of our St Leonards Spotlight podcast, two of our Year 12 Business BTEC students, Tom and Matthew, share their experiences of the course and their university and careers plans for the future. Tune in now via iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts or online here via Radiopublic to listen to ‘Let’s talk BTEC’.

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