La llorona The weeping woman

Characters- A mother named Maria a tall thin spirit with long black hair wearing a white gown.

Setting- The setting took place near a river in a village.
Plot summary-A beautiful woman named Maria was with a man. Wealthy and handsome, the man gave her his full attention and loved Maria. They soon had children and things changed for Maria. The man no longer gave his full attention to Maria, but instead to his children. She started to grow jealousy and hatred towards the children and drowned them. When she tried to save them it was already to late. Her spirit became a curse of the night and people became afraid of going out in the night.

Symbols and archetypes-Represents the bad actions of a mother

Meaning of the folktale- A bad mother who became a curse to those around her, causing misfortune to those who see her

Significance- A way for mothers to keep their children in at night.


Created with images by simpleinsomnia - "Creepy long-haired girl" • ElizaPeyton - "Mini River"

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