Dutch Iris Explore the Xeric Garden @ Riverdale Regional Park

Scientific Name: Iris hollandica

Common Name: Dutch Iris

Family: Iridaceae

Habit: Herbaceous Perennial Flower

Growth Form: Growing from a bulb. Leaves strap-like, overlapping at base, oriented in one plane.

Mature Size: Height: 20" Width: 4"

Flowers: Varies by cultivar. Bloom Time: Summer. 6-parted with 3 outer spreading or pendent "falls" and 3 inner erect "standards", fruit a capsule.

Hardiness: Zone 6-9, 5 if winter mulch protected.

Sun Requirements: Full Sun

Water Requirements: Established Iris are drought resistant. New Iris need 1" water weekly.

Soil Requirements: Well amended, well drained soil. Clay Soils, Loam Soils. Soil PH: Acid.

Other Info: Leave the foliage until it dies after the bloom.