How I got to make videos for my favorite rappers. by the coolest nerd in the universe

You are not going to believe this but you got to trust me on this one.

So one day I was just chilling out here thinking. You know doing my thing, and then I heard a song on SoundCloud. It was by a artist named Trap $av a up and coming artist from Orlando Florida, and the song name was Bennihunnas.

A great friend of mine happen to let Trap know that I was a listener. I don't really like the word fan at all. I happen to only listen to inspiring artistry. It is the only thing that I consider to be authentic and pure. The sound of hungry artist, and that of innovation.

Well back to the story. I happen to get a message on my Instagram. It's Trap $av. I'm thinking man here this shit go. April 1st, and some fools pranking the guy. I'm to fly for that, but to my avail. It was the real deal. I was like whoah this is like cool right. So I'm like what can I owe the pleasure man?

He was like man your homeboy says that you can make videos, and stuff from like gifs, and things. I was like yeah I do it all the time. I like to make things like that. I can see what I can do, and then you know what I did? I made a freaking video. Cool!

This is my favorite song right now.

So then he hits me back up then I was like how you like the video? He was like man it is tight man it is cool. Can you do one for my song FxCK FASHION? I was like I don't see why not. So then I went to work, and made this one.

Now that I did these videos his homeboy and part of the Weirdo collective happen to hit me up, and said he would love to have me make a video for his new single that he is about to drop. Even gave me a early copy of it to listen to as I really needed it to make the vid. Check it out?

This was like the other day, and now that I have done the videos I just happen to notice that Twitter is cooler than Facebook, and I mean by bounds. I tapped at the power of social connection, and looking at my analytics I see that I reach over a 1000 people organically with just a video. I would love to explore making more videos out of gifs to showcase them as a innovative art form. I have a ton of ideas and things can become profitable if I actually take it seriously. Just a normal adventure for the Coolest Nerd in the Universe.

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Josef McClammey

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