The life of Theodore Roosevelt Jaycee bentLey sophia sullivan

Early life: had asthma and was nearsighted, dad thought he could overcome his asthma by being active, raised in Georgia, went to Harvard but en drop out 2 years later because he didn't life the rules, he studied German, natural history, composition, forensics, he rode horses, hiked, swam, weight lifted, boxed, wrestled, and was in gymnastics

War of 1812/reentering life: At Harvard he studied U.S. And Navy, 22nd birthday married Alice Hathaway Lee, he a child with Alice, but 2 days later on Valentine's, Alice and his mother died, attended GOP National Convention in 1884, built a second branch and became deputy sheriff, December 2nd, 1886 he remarried Edith Kermit Carow and had 5 children with her, started a ranch but it failed so he went back to New York and ran for Mayor, he was the president of the board of New York police commission

National figure: assisted in naval secretary to help win Spanish American war, he resigns and becomes a rough rider in Cuba, awarded with a Medal of Honor, became the governor of the New York, Vice President under McKinley, later then became president after Mckinley was shot

Presidency: 1901 - 1909, 26th president, first to be elected to a full term, youngest president to take office, ended the Alaskan territory dispute, first to receive Nobel peace prize, square deal which was conversation a natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection

Post presidency: didn't want to take third term because he didn't want to look like a dictator, March 1909 he left office and then traveled to Africa, shot 11,400 animals in Africa, refused to see the pope, started his own political party it was more commonly known as the Bull Moose party, he was giving a speech and was shot in the chest but didn't die, just stumbled a little bit and finished his speech, people asked why he finished his speech after he got shot and he said because I'm as strong as a bull moose, that's how they got the name of his party

Political positions: November 1911, a group of Ohio republicans endorsed Roosevelt for the party's nomination for president, he began to envision himself as the savior of the Republican Party, ambassador of England, demanded harsher policies against Germany, and then he created the bull moose party and ran for president again

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