Florida Museum of Natural History By: Baris Yildirim

Nature on Display: All the exhibits were so soothing and pleasing but the butterfly exhibit exhibit is the one I found the most appealing for many reasons. It literally immersed you in the lives of the butterflies and allowed you to connect with nature by walking around this artificial, but still valuable rainforest. I enjoyed the fact of being submerged in the trees and watching the butterflies fly around me while they're in their habitat and not confined to a small area. It captured my attention with all the vibrant colors it had to offer, from the animals itself to the plants and flowers that were in full bloom. I learned about the serenity and also complexity that nature has and although it can be taught, to really understand it one needs to experience it first hand. A notable occurrence that made me find this exhibit so enjoyable was the fact that I had several butterflies land on me and I felt equla to them, not lesser or superior.

Nature and Ethics:

Yes it more than provided the means for me to indulge in nature and appreciate its beauty rather than take it for granted. I walked and became a part of the trees in the butterfly exhibit and connected with the frogs in their respective habitats. I felt a sense of relief and stress release walking through the nature exhibits. I sensed a common feeling of serenity and thought how nice it was to exit our social society and instead communicate with the land I reside on. Other people shard a similar experience in focusing on the nature and never really on their phones or even one another. It allowed everyone to connect with nature by immersing them in nature itself with walkways paved with trees, with butterflies and other animals right alongside. Yes it made me feel an obligation to it as I now feel connected to the nature in a sense that improving it, also improves my well-being as well.

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History Museum allows us to step out of our ordinary social media infested lives and take time and reflect on another important aspect of life that lies within nature. It allows people to connect both physically and mentally with the nature that it showcases to them in such beautiful displays. It puts us in the homes of other organisms and allows us to better understand their lives and not just our own. It allows us to find who were are as a person by isolating an individual into just their own thoughts and no unnatural distractions that would be present otherwise. They are actually allowed to reflect and distinguish their core values when at a clear state of mind. Through its diverse nature and wildlife it exposes us to the beautiful but also complex traits that nature possesses. That in turn stems to its majestic praise it receives and the unknowing of what else may be hidden from our human eyes presents the mystery that still may lie in nature.

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