Liberia Tyler Coates

Liberia is located in Africa in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres

The bordering countries are Sierra Leone,Guinea, and Ivory Coast.

The capital city is Monrovia its cornets are 8N and 11W

Liberia is located in the tropical zone.

The main physical feature is the Atlantic Ocean.

The total population is 4,092,310 making it 161 in world rank. It is a medium country.

It is a crowed country its population density is high.

Liberia is fast growing country. 4.6, ranked 19 while this number is higher than the average for developing countries, which is 3.3 this is actually declining from prior decades when fertility rates reached 6.4 in Liberia.

The Five largest cities are Monrovia, Gbarnga, Kakata, Bensonville, and Harper.

cloudedMore people are entering because the countries around it are very crowded.

Liberia is developing. There is more young than old. So if a country doesn't have almost equal people in every age group it is still developing.

In Liberia they use English.

The main religions practiced are Islam and Christianity.

Some special events are palm Wednesday and Ramadan.

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