Adidas Impossible is nothing

As a famous, global sports brand, adidas, attracts active people who are always on the go. By creating ways in which they can communicate directly and openly to their target market builds a strong relationship between the company and its loyal clients. One of the best and captivating strategies is video-sharing. Adidas is known for its short, high quality videos with a motivational message behind each one of them that attracts its viewers.

To reach out to everyone, adidas is on almost every social site online. Year after year, not only does it adapt it's designs and products to people's changing tastes, but also posts pictures themed in such a way that it attracts social media user's eye. Their captivating methods to reach out calling for people's attention is indeed effective as every post has countless numbers of likes which helps the brand grow hastily and effectively through the number of likes and shares. The What, When, and Where, they have it all covered. As they wisely choose tumblr like pictures, that everyone especially young viewers appreciate, on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on, and post them in prime-time.

As a sports brand, they aim to show their brand worn by the most famous athletes. By doing so, they increase the sales as they target the fans of the athlete; since people are more likely to buy something when its worm by a famous figure.

Moreover, adidas chose to increase its target market by aiming at people who are not necessarily sporty and adapting to the modernised SWAG fashion. They collaborated with the famous rapper, Kanye West, who has a large number of followers. Still in the world of social media, they provoke a new trend that is combined with the name of a celebrity, increasing its credit and price and more importantly the number of sales. Adidas adds more importance to its name of its brand as it keep on satisfying the needs and tastes of all different types of markets.

From publicity, to forums, and board messages, adidas spreads its work all over the place. It's simple yet captivating logo along with its short messages about creativity, originality, work ethic an more on, found on panels in the streets or the ones that pop on random websites, stick to the mind spreading positive vibrations. These modernised techniques are very affective as adidas proves to be a very successful brand due to these startegies and it continues to use them and adapting to the changing technology to keep constantly rising.

Go check their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts
Created By
Khadija Aya Benhaddou


Created with images by Prettygirlforev - "shoes new feet" • Ben Sutherland - "Adidas Stars of the Germany 2006 World Cup - Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Michael Ballack, Raul, Claudio Reyna, Kaka, Shunsuke Nakamura" • Morgan Mafu - "Yeezy.png" • Magnus D - "White Superstar II" • Rod Senna - "adidas" • hyku - "Adidas Soccer Balls" • victoria white2010 - "adidas" • LidiaJS - "sports brand adidas still life" • bobarcpics - "Adidas, Beijing" • - "Running shoes store"

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