Regan Patterson ray_patt-bard-journey log 7-section 41

Mothman may just be

Monster, prophet, or a hoax

We will never know

Honestly, haikus are the only type of poetry I think I can accomplish, this is why I created a website for my Raid 4 instead of writing a song (more poetry) for my specialization. This haiku is in reference to my Raid 4 which I am in the process of completing. In my paper, I am calling to question what Mothman's purpose in Point Pleasant really was (shortly explained in the poem).

I tried to write a song for my specialization and after barely being able to complete a chorus that didn't sound like it was written by the wiggles, I decided to take my creativity elsewhere. I accepted the song as a failure and figured my time would be better off trying to do something I am not only better at but more interested in doing.

Picture of my website (used the same photo for my background picture in this presentation)

I have always been somewhat tech-savvy so this week I created a website about Mothman and all the events that take place in the town of Point Pleasant devoted to the monster. Although it took some time to figure out, I think I was much more successful doing this assignment rather than writing a song. Also, it allowed me to keep my paper more concise only writing 1600 words rather than 2000.

background photo link: HTTPS://WWW.PINTEREST.COM/PIN/209910032604608819/


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