Agri-Camp business & life acumen for youth in agriculture

25-27 OCTOBER 2019

Twenty-five young people from rural high-stakes communities in South Africa gather to become the first cohort of a uniquely designed vocational training journey, leading to them emerging as in-demand farmers, farm managers, agricultural strategists and digital soil technicians.

South Africa needs to confidently answer its food security and nutritional crisis. Although young people can be key to tackle these problems, they generally feel it is hard to make a career in agriculture. Reasons for this conclusion are partly because of stigmas and views of the low standing in society of farm workers and ignorance about the vast array of career choices in agriculture and the power of business acumen in agriculture.

Our project, therefore, is an alternative, practical and comprehensive Vocational Training Program for young people in agriculture that will provide knowledge- and skills within Open Field crop production, Greenhouse and New Technologies and Agro processing. Importantly, the training will immediately engage them in the entire value chain in agriculture.


Courtesy Theo Adams - Herold Meander