Children At War Amalia Pelley



Damage from terrorist attack on the morning of 9/11

The first major attack from terrorists was on the morning of September 11th, 2001. There were some U.S. trained Afghani who seized control of four fully loaded commercial airliners, and crashed three of these airlines into the twin towers at the world trade center. This caused a total of 2,995 people to die and it left america in grief. A total of eight children died that day. 125 people from the pentagon also died that day and 55 of those people were military personnel.

"In June 2014 the Pakistan Army undertook a major offensive aimed at clearing out the militants in its restive regions bordering Afghanistan. The offensive displaced tens of thousands of people and, in response to army inroads, the Pakistani Taliban mounted terror attacks throughout Pakistan, the most spectacular and horrific of which occurred on December 16, when Taliban suicide bombers attacked an army-run school in Peshawar and systematically executed 145 people, 132 of them children"

War can ruin a child because of the following reasons; It can ruin child's youth by making them mature too fast. For example, children are forced into being soldiers in the middle east for their lives and families. "I did many bad things ...I ransacked .... I pillaged.... but all by force....I didn't want to do it." - Jordy age 14. Yong girls are also used as wives to the soldiers. "Mireille was 14 when a rebel colonel spotted her and announced that he wanted to marry her. she says "No! I am too young." That night the rebel colonel took her to a Seleka base where he gave her a new game and raped her.

As you can see war forces children to become adults they don't want to become. I think as a generation we can make that change and become the voice of our generation and help each other with things that can't be solved and protest!

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