Serbia By: MadiSon Mathews

"Ev" is how you say "House" in Turkish.

"Kedi" is how you say "Cat" in Turkish.

"köpek" is how you say "Dog" in Turkish.

Okay so the longest river in my country would have to be the Danube River. It is 1,777 miles long. It is located in the Central and Eastern part Europe.

The Serbian climate is between a continental climate in the north, with cold winters, and hot, humid summers with well distributed rainfall patterns, and a more Adriatic climate in the south with hot, dry summers and autumns and rank daily average relatively cold winters with heavy inland snowfall.

In Serbia, Europe they have more women then men. I wonder if it's because women live longer than man, or it could just be because most men are just dumb enough that they do something so stupid they end up killing themselves......Let's just say the world may never know.


The Capital City of Serbia is Belgrade.

In 2013 there was 7.164 million people that lived in Serbia. In 2017 there are 8,790,285 people there. That's a lot of people!!!

The biggest lake in Serbia is the Silver Lake.

This are a few facts in Serbia....Hope you enjoyed!!!

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