Superintendent's Notes April 2, 2021

Today is Good Friday and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful weekend for the Easter holiday. I absolutely LOVE this time of year as warmer weather wakes up the colors of spring reminding us of new beginnings and renewed hope! Take the time to reflect on where we have traveled through the last year, the endurance and resilience we evidenced through the pandemic, and the shining light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. I love our Sandite TEAM and want to COMMEND all of your hard work and consistent efforts throughout this school year. Stay focused TEAM! We are almost there! #BetterTogether

The incredible BATTLE OF THE BOOKS ensued last Friday as teams from each of our elementary sites competed for the trophy by answering questions about specific books read through the course of the year. Congratulations to Pratt Elementary, this year's CHAMPION, who prevailed with quick responses and sharp memories! Great job to all who competed and our Media Specialists who pour much time and effort into making this event a success! Enjoy the pics below! #oneofmyfavorites

Remember the Vaccine Clinic is scheduled for April 16. If you have yet to schedule your time, please do this soon. If you need us to resend the links, email me and I will resend.

Look who showed up to say 'hello' to Mr. Smith this week and explore the Freshman Academy! We sure do miss our retired teachers and staff and it is definitely fun when they visit!

Ms. Kim McAllister's first grade class at Northwoods Fine Arts Academy sent me Flat Stanley, who hung out with me for a few days. Flat Stanley was able to go to a Sand Springs Chamber meeting, a facility planning meeting, eat lunch with some Charles Page High School students, celebrate our Teacher of the Year Mr. Dustin Morrow, meet some of the Education Foundation Board of Directors, and even help me dog sit Sadie the Irish Setter in Dallas! Thank you Ms. McAllister for including me in the project!

HUGE THANK YOU to Ms. Peggy Sue Wallace and the late Earl Wallace, whose donation started the remodel of our weight facility at Memorial Stadium, honoring their son the late Kyle Wallace. Ms. Peggy was able to come up for a tour of the facility and see how big of a difference a donation can make in the lives of our student athletes!

Is it weird that I found it hysterically funny that Mr. Ray and Ms. Schlehuber randomly matched when we showed up at CPHS to honor Mr. Morrow? #findthehumor

Have an INCREDIBLE weekend everyone! ~Sherry