The French Revolution A time hard fOught

The French Revolution is still being fought hard. Napoleon Bonaparte, a leader of many of our friends and family who are in the army, continues the fight. Although it is a tad heartbreaking, our queen, Marie Antoinette was executed today. But many, including myself, aren't sad at all.

In an interview with a citizen, who has not disclosed their name, they stated that they were in fact glad that Marie Antoinette was slain by our own.

"Marie Antoinette was brought to justice. She killed thousands of our people and got away with it. I'm glad that she's finally paying for what she has done."

As you're probably well aware, we are in a Revolution. It started with riots. Riots against our own police and government for the injustices served by our king and queen. Soon after the riots started, our beloved King Henry XVI passed away. As she became queen, Marie Antoinette killed 40,000 people with her guillotine. 40,000 of our friends and family were killed.

Although we are still in the middle of the our "Revolution", This will most likely have a positive impact on France. This can only end in two ways.

  1. Napoleon will become victorious in the battle in Saratoga
  2. He will lose and we will be conquered

Napoleon is one of the most successful leaders. I firmly believe that Napoleon and his army will reign victorious, although he is going against another very successful leader, Maximilian Robespierre. As a suitable opponent from Italy, he remains confident in his attack. He has the majority if his attack planned already. Although it seems as if Napoleon is unprepared, the people of France believe that he hides his plans so the enemy has no idea what happens.

Speaking of Mr. Bonaparte, it is time to decide if we like him or not.


  • He's very successful
  • He is praised by the people
  • He seems to know what he's doing
  • He has saved many people in battle


  • He seems to be waiting for the enemy to attack
  • He has lost many people in battle

Although there is less cons, there is one con that people might not be willling to let go of. The losses. Every general has lost lives, it's war, it's inevitable. But Napoleon has lost so many. My response to that is simply; he lost so many because he's seen so many. People seem to be unaware of the fact that Napoleon Bonaparte has been in more wars and has conquered more land that anyone. Of course his death toll is high because his survival rate is way higher.

As a French general, he has accomplished more than what was expected from anyone. So the question is; Hero or Villian?

My decision is Hero. People should not judge him by number of lives lost, because you can't even begin to count the lives saved. We will never know how many people he saved, how many attacks he prevented. What we will know is that he is a Hero and he will reign victorious in his next battles.

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