Save the Seals From Extinction How global warming effects these sacred Creatures from extinction

Definition for Global Warming - World that is being heated up by energy that is being used. Also heat being produce on Earth making it hotter.

Global Warming effects all kind of living creatures but mostly the edge ones or known as the ones that are close to being extincted. This creature that is about to be told is the seals that accompanied our oceans as well as our paradises. These animals are very sacred due to the places on Earth that keeps on changing climate. Seals usually live near warm places except some. Global warming is a terrible effect to seals because of the places that they live such as Hawaii that will have a major impact on them. Hawaii is going to be two times the heat due to the Equator that is near it. This causes their food to run off somewhere cooler so that would effect their food web. Another dangerous thing is that this is about monk seals that live near the coast of Hawaii which volcanoes will be more active. The volcanoes that will become more active will cause suffocation. All of these are a cause that will outcome to be an event of extinction.

These are the cause of global warming

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About: Global Warming on seals

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